1. A

    Tags and Filters

    Here are some changes I would LOVE to see to the Tag and Filters: Filter Animal Trading by Continent/Biome Add custom tags to all items in a filtered search.
  2. Bier00t

    Would love to see that with Odyssey also comes major update/redesign for already existing features

    These are some major setbacks and let downs from the past that could actually be finally finished/fixed. The list is done from my head so please let me know what you think. That would be: possibility of mixing wings with multicrew possibility of using SRVs in multicrew and also for owner of a...
  3. L

    Fleet Carrier end suggestion

    Hi, you have released a very nice update, there is no doubt, however, you have missed many small things that we players miss, for example, because none of the squadron / friends can deposit materials? another thing, because having 10k of tritium in FC storage, to load the fuel in the spaceship...
  4. SergMx

    Balance of Arms

    Sorry, maybe the title of the topic does not quite reflect the whole ... As far as I understand the engineers were conceived to use different types of weapons on shields and hull. And it was logical that energy weapons were easier to destroy shields but were worse when the hull was damaged...
  5. VirtueXOI

    Mains Points to improve FC

    Just a small post to sum up what could be improved in FC , mainly the points that already have been stated alot in this part of the forums. Please it is not another upkeep thread , i'd like us to talk what can be improved in FC when you own and upkeep one. Preferably thing that can be modified...
  6. SergMx

    ARX to CR

    I propose to make it possible to convert ARXs into Credits.
  7. SergMx

    Heating is not from weapons.

    As far as I know, protecting the hull from overheating does not affect the heating of the ship from the star. I suggest taking this into account that I have brought at least the popularity of the mirror shell among researchers.
  8. K

    General Suggestions please read here!!

    hello everyone, I would like the developers 'attention to the players' need in the game: 1- it would be interesting to add a flap at the stations with the function of storing material, module, cargo, commodities, bodies, separated by type. where we could store the cargo of our ship, because...
  9. SergMx


    COOPERATIVE MODE (no corporate) variant 1. ---------- Add another mode. Of the main features, shooting a person at a person does not cause damage. Exceptions: people are not in the Power Powers warring among themselves, In areas of conflict when choosing the opposing parties. Interception...
  10. R

    Could we please have a way to reduce the Base Time Speed?

    Even if its just an option in the menu to change the length of a day from 3 seconds to like 10 seconds, or a button to slow down time so you can watch your animals in their habitat without much time passing. Time seems to go by way too fast and right now there is no way to further slow it down...
  11. SergMx

    Send a signal SOS

    ( Excuse me for bad english ) 1. Open game, I'm flying with a load to the station 2. Here other commanders intercept me and only local forces can come to my aid. 3. I would like to be able to send an SOS signal throughout the sector. For other commanders in this system to see an inscription in...
  12. I

    Bookmarks Folders

    Not much explanation needed, I have a TON of bookmarks, and it'd be super useful being able to organize them into folders, it shouldn't be too hard to implement right?
  13. Klemyr

    Weapon Re-balance for "New Era" update... may be?

    Hello dear FD's! It is not a Suggestions, but more like a request I think... It is seams like we gona have something something HUGE and EXCITING in the second part of next year. I am really looking forward for this update and have some hopes about it... And one of them is changes to the...
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