1. Steelcry

    An idea for all that animal poop

    So I was complaining to my roommate about how much poop my Keepers seemed to be overwhelmed when an encloser gets 15+ animals. She laughed and said "Well I hope your getting money for all of it!" Its then I remember fertilizer, we could be making oodles of money from poop! I know it seems silly...
  2. S

    Send a signal SOS

    ( Excuse me for bad english ) 1. Open game, I'm flying with a load to the station 2. Here other commanders intercept me and only local forces can come to my aid. 3. I would like to be able to send an SOS signal throughout the sector. For other commanders in this system to see an inscription in...
  3. I

    Bookmarks Folders

    Not much explanation needed, I have a TON of bookmarks, and it'd be super useful being able to organize them into folders, it shouldn't be too hard to implement right?
  4. Klemyr

    Weapon Re-balance for "New Era" update... may be?

    Hello dear FD's! It is not a Suggestions, but more like a request I think... It is seams like we gona have something something HUGE and EXCITING in the second part of next year. I am really looking forward for this update and have some hopes about it... And one of them is changes to the...
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