1. N

    New weapon suggestion: Thargoïds core breacher torpedo.

    As we all know, the treat of thargoids grow rapidly, especially after the discovery of bernacles in the coalsack nebula. Even though we have the gardians technology on our side, who know what those insect-like beings are developing to make sure we won’t get a chance to survive? Some CMDRS might...
  2. C

    Boost Capital Ship Weapons

    Why are capital ship weapons so ineffective against us when in a High CZ whereas station weapons basically one-shot us? Same for outpost weapons. How about putting those station weapons on those cap ships and make the High CZs actually challenging for a change?
  3. Ulberto

    Where I can buy Remote Release Flechette?

    Hello! I opened this weapon fixed version. I visited many systems with human technobroker, but weapon not for sale anywhere. Where I can buy this weapon?
  4. CMDR Hagglebeard

    Weapon - Charged Drive Disabler

    Now, popping out of character - the CDD should be a weapon used to temporarily disable a ship's drives and activate it's inertial dampeners (to force it to a stop) for a very limited amount of time, at massive expense - it should take up a weapon slot, and have the following properties, or close...
  5. C

    Thargoid Cyclops solo in 4:34 min

    So I finally decided to try my hand at Thargoid combat. I've built the biggest tank I could, watched every tutorial video and went for it. After a while I realized I was killing Cyclops quickier than most videos. I was pretty proud of myself, so I tried to find which is the speedrun record for...
  6. Uncoupledlight9

    Novas unregistered comms beacon - missing nuclear weapon

    Regarding the Galnet missing nuclear weapon story.... Zlota Federal Holdings are also a minor faction in Novas and there is an unregistered comms beacon next to Novas A6. I am currently waiting to see if it will communicate any message which may relate to this story. It may have nothing to do...
  7. Strangepork

    Best weapon/experimental effect combinations, for what?

    Hello cmdrs, I've been a beam lazer, multicannon bore for way too long. Could anyone help with more advanced weapon load outs, especially for fixed use on small, medium ships, or for gimballed large ship use as well. Could you describe when and where the weapon and effect is most useful...
  8. SkyB

    More weapon variety on stations, bases and capital class ships

    They have pulse lasers that often shoot in odd patterns and (multi)cannons... I'd love to see large beam lasers, plasma accs and seeker missiles on them. A bit of variety and fun! They kill anyways, so why not have some diversity?
  9. TheOriginalB

    Walkthrough: Guardian Weapon Blueprints

    Note: I've written a guide for Guardian Vessel (Fighter) Blueprints here; Guardian Module blueprints here. Greetings, Commander! Let's talk about the Guardian Weapon Blueprints (now called Guardian Weapon Blueprint Segments). Perhaps you're interested in the guardian Gauss Cannon (small or...
  10. C

    Weapon Pairing

    I apologise if this is redundant, but I have not be able to find a good discussion on pairing of weapons. I’m looking for more than “Take down shields with thermals and then destroy the hull with kinetics.” With engineering there are more options. I’m currently trying to reduce the time it takes...
  11. DoppelGanger

    Guardian Modules are great for new CMDRs and more

    Great stepping stones between base module and engineered. Also, sometimes they are great for veteran CMDRs who just want to fly a new ship (for a testdrive and such) and have some benefits with their unlocked modules without going through the whole Engineering process or just did not bother...

    Low total ammo counts strongly affecting weapon diversity in PVE

    Multicannons are by far the most popular kinetic weapon in Elite, and they're used for the most popular combat activity, which is RES site hunting. They work fine at any range, don't really overheat your ship, and are in general very safe, forgiving and boring. A part of its popularity is also...
  13. Kiithnaras

    Cannon Balance/Tweak Suggestions; Make Cannons Great (Again?)!

    Have you wondered why cannons are seldom used in PvP? It's pretty much all PACs, MCs, Lasers, and the odd duck using railguns. Fragments are few and far between, and cannons are niche at best. The fact that larger cannons have such a drastic drop in velocity is one major factor - bigger ships...
  14. M

    Railgun mechanic change proposal (fire on button release)

    I love railguns. They are absolutely devastating in the right hands. But they have a very high entry barrier if you want to get any use out of them which turns off a lot of players. So to alleviate some of that and get rid off something that absolutly annoys me, I like to propose a change to...
  15. Nasirrh

    The "Combat" Talk for Beyond

    Didn't find a related post on the Forums so I started a new one. I am aware that a lot of people are unhappy with the nerving and the inbalance in weaponry and on top of that overall with the combat system. And the point that Combat was the top priority developement task in the past years for...
  16. CMDR Vic

    PS4: Buy Cosmetics WITHOUT Frontier Points

    I don't know how to start this so I'm just going to go right into it. On PS4 (and, assuming, similar on Xbox One), it's gimmicky and irritating that we have to PURCHASE a PACKAGE of Frontier Points, so that we can then PURCHASE COSMETICS from the Frontier store. I, myself, feel like I would be...
  17. CMDR Vic

    Weapon Detailing Customizable per Weapon/Weapon Type

    Greetings Fellow Commanders! This is just a tweak/modification to a cosmetic aspect of the game, more specifically the way we use Weapon Detailing. It would be much more favorable, in my opinion, to have the option to set every Hard-point on-board to an individual color of our choice. It...
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