The "Combat" Talk for Beyond

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I am aware that a lot of people are unhappy with the nerving and the inbalance in weaponry and on top of that overall with the combat system.
And the point that Combat was the top priority developement task in the past years for Frontier let's me hope that there will be changes made to get the most fun out of it.
I hope we all agree at that point that Elite Dangerous is or should be a great open world sandbox galaxy starship simulator based on the world and history of the novels of Elite Dangerous.
So the top priority in this game should be a immersive, living and ambient galaxy to cruise trough, a optimal flight model with a harmonied mix between realism and playability and on top of that it should be dangerous and unforgiving to give a thrilling feeling, but doesn't scare off from playing the game whilst becoming frustrating.

I am very optimistic that Frontier will do a great job on Beyond, because Elite Dangerous is their heart project and not only for profit. So it is our good right as community to support Frontier in
this step with constructive critic without flaming or whining.

My goal is it to give suggestions for little changes in the game with minimum workload and maximum effect for the game. So please NO great visions in this topic.

Today I want to discuss with you the Combat System:

At first, the combat between small vessels is great without question. But when it comes to combat between bigger vessels or bigger against little vessels there is a lot of not jet unfolded potential.

So let us talk about Velocity and Speed in Combat or general. I recognise in the beginnings of Elite that little Vessels where fast and agile and bigger ones where slow and not that agile.
Today every vessel is agile enough for dogfight and the boost is so fast regenerated that there is a button missing to autocast it.

But shouldn't it be, that the boost is the secret weapon of the little vessels to outrun the bigger ones?

And shouldn't bigger vessels be slower again and little vessels faster? I can understand the velocity limits here in therms of stability, but I'm not asking for breaking the sound barrier with my vessel,
I'm just asking for a little rise of 50-150 km/h for the little ones and a degrease of agility for the bigger ones. It shouldn't be possible for me to use my Anaconda as a static turret with gimbaled miniguns to blow everything up with nothing but SLF'S able to outrun me (or only possible with Engineers).

Second is the weapon balance:

We all agree that today nothing goes on top of miniguns with plasma-acc. All other weapons have their effect, but in therms of overall effectivity nothing is topping these two.
(Especially when engineered)

But shouldn't combat be like chess, or like modern combat? Combat in general works with the scissor, stone, paper principle.

Doesn't every single Weapon or Utility Slot has his right to be usefull?

In the most Sci-Fi Universes Rail Guns and Torpedoes are the MAIN Weaponry of starships. In Elite, they are as useless as a bobblehead in combat.

So what speaks against class 4 Railguns or Torpedoes? Nothing! Just think positive of these. Give the Railgun an immense power draw, just like in reality,
so that vessels with railguns have poor shieling or agility.

SO maybe a big vessel with a class 4 railgun can oneshot a little vessel, but 1) THIS is Real and Possible and Dangerous and 2) if the little vessel can outrun the bigger ones easy, then class 4 railguns have their own given purpose: Anti-Big-Vessel-Weapon.

And Class 4 Topredoes should go with the same logic als Class 1 and 2: "Just more Torpedoes!" If you make torpedoes a bit faster ingame, so that bigger vessels can't outrun them, but little vessels can (but it should be hard) and increase the damage and range (what speaks against 10 km of range? so if you see an enemy you can instantly lock on your torpedoes) a bit, then you have another Anti-Big-Vessel-Weapon. I compare here with modern naval combat.

This leads automatical to the fact that auto-turrets become more important for bigger vessels and less important for litte ones.

And then INCREASE the Amount of Torpedoes for each class weapon. so: Class 1: 2 T, Class 2: 4 T, Class 3: 8 T, Class 4: 16 T for example.
Just for ONE REASON: You cannot kill a single little vessel with just 2 torpedoes...

If you follow this logic of scissor, stone, paper, every weapon existing in the game could be more unique and usefull with some minor changes.

So the principle should be: "Every weapon in the game should be perfect in his purpose and less effective in other purposes. There sall be no good-at-everything-weapon."

So for example:

Lasers: One type is good against normal shields, one is good against b-shields, one is medium against both type of shielding.

Miniguns: Should be less effective against shields than armor AND they need a counterpart for example plasma-lasers (better against shields than armor). Plasma-lasers exist in the game, but there is no reason why they shouldn't be used by bigger ships in turreted versions... so that we can finaly have our STAR WARS Dream come true :D

these two should be the medium good for everything weaponry, but less effective than a mix between laser and cannon.

Rockets: Same problem as torpedoes...

Cannons: They should be overhauled... Class 1 and 2 should be more like modern flak (20 mm) and class 3 and 4 mor like 150 mm. The cannon is the only weapon the optics gives me eye cancer.
There is no reason that the projectile shouldn't be visible, because it gets hot and starts to glow. and the look of canons is so unsatisfing. but I stop here, before I get emotional. No whining is the rule.


Thanks for reading till this point and sorry for my bad english. I hope Frontier will maybe think about 1 or 2 ideas and make them even better.

Fly safe,

Cmdr Nasirrh o7
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