1. B

    CQC Cqc Xbox one

    Does anyone play, or is matchmaking that messed up? I have spent hours and only been able to play a portion of one round of tdm.
  2. Patch Notes Update Update 2.4.06

    Greetings commanders, today we have an update for our Xbox commanders... Xbox One X! Here are the patch notes for this update. New in 2.4.06 Xbox One X support. Xbox One X features Quality/Performance options. 1080p/4k resolution options. Check out Edward Lewis's announcement here...
  3. cmdrrafacurtinhas

    Brazilian Armada X - Wing recruiting. - RECRUTAMENTO.

    Saudações a todos os comandantes, brasileiros ou não. Nós somos a Brazilian Armada X, Facção ativa no Xbox one e estamos aqui reestruturando as nossas atividades. Estamos abrindo vagas para recrutamento de novos compatriotas a fim de estender nossa força pela bolha e alem. Para todos os...
  4. E

    Achievement Unlocked!

    Wow... This represents something quite remarkable (for me). I've been playing video games of all makes and genres for 40 years and in all that time, in all the guises that the games have ever come in, I don't think I've ever reached a billion anything's. After approximately 18 months in the...
  5. NewBlacksmurf

    Add Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog and TM T.16000M FCS support on Xbox One

    First, it was exciting to see the T.Flight HOTAS One being offered but it’s limited to the UK so at best we’re waiting until very late 2017 or until sometime in 2018 before the US retailers get it. Id much rather the existing two elite dangerous supported Thrustmaster devices also be added...
  6. M

    Long Range Passenger Missions Question

    Which ship do you use for the 3,000+ trips. I have a Beluga which I use for passenger bubble travel and has about 31ly range but a don't fancy that for long range😃. Was thinking the Orca, anyone got a decent orca build with a good jump range. Thank for reading Commander's.
  7. CMDR Jay Stones

    Can’t access Game - Need help

    Hey guys today I’ve loaded up elite, at first it came up with ‘this account can not access multiplayer’ ... although I have a Gold Membership Now it won’t even allow me to get to the servers page as it stops me and says that I have downloaded new content, we are now enabling this, then it just...
  8. Alexander R

    Other crowd funded titles worthy of attention

    With the success of the Elite Dangerous kickstarter, the results we can get from crowd funding the development of the kinds of games today's publishers are just not up to making are becoming starkly obvious. I am not sure about the good folks in here but I had largely written off substantial...
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