ANNOUNCEMENT 2.2 Your Input Needed - Passenger Tourist Destinations

The Messier 78 nebula is absolutely beautiful, and tends to be woefully underlooked by explorers because it's hard to spot from the Galaxy Map. You almost have to know it's there before you go.

Link for picture: (uploader is giving me grief and I can't figure out why)

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Where better than sol, Earth the birthplace of humanity. Forget all the politics or superpowers, this is where it all started, where we were all created. I figure the galaxy is so big now that many people haven't even been to see there ancestry.


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indeed a cool idea.

well i post a location where tourists will be happy:


also, if devs wants to build a restaurant in the top of it... it could become the ''tour eiffel'' of the game. :D

Location name ALTAIS 2B


commander name: Sterlino
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Location: Sol system (grand tour)
Enjoy sunbathing on Mercury!
Experience a Venusian Sauna!
See the birthplace of Humanity!
Ride a gondola through the canals of Mars!
Spot the Red Spot of Jupiter while sipping a cocktail with cubes of Europan ice!
Fly through the rings of Saturn!
See the Rings around Uranus!
See Neptune's Triton!
Pluto flyby! (Including Journey to Mordor{Charon}!)

OK, not exactly a screenshot, but I'm at work:

Commander Mysturji
Cygnus X-1 - the 15 solar mass black hole ~7.5kly fromt Sol. It was the first black hole recognised as such (by Prof. HAwking and Prof. Thorne in the late 20th century) following the theoretical prediction of their existence by Einstein. In Elite, this should really be the equivalent of a UNESCO site; a slice of history preserved for mankinds legacy.

I went to visit it as soon as we got out of the pill and was the first person to see it that I know of, although I'm not the first discoverer - someone beat me home ;). I'll add a screenshot once I get home.


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Maia B... the infamous Black Hole in Maia.

Puts on a great show when flying through the distortion field around it, bending the Nebula...


How about a Ringed Earth-like World, not too far from the Bubble?

• Location name

Prielea QA-L d9-1

Roughly 9000 LY rom the bubble.

• A screenshot of the view.

Here it is when I found it last year.


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CMDR Genar_Hofoen
PSR 1919+21 - the first Pulsar discovered by mankind late in the 20th century by the famous Jocelyn Bell Burnell and Antony Hewish. This was a seminal moment in astronomy confirming the predicted existence of a super-dense stellar remnants and proving the existence of exotic neutron fluid matter. Its appro 2.2kLy from Sol.
Not able to take a screenshot but can I request someone do a screenshot of the planet orbited by Kornbluth Orbital in Ngbato? It's spectacularly lumpy and potato-esque
• Location name (this should include system name, body name and lat/long if the location is on the surface).

Woriosolis system
Bugrov Freeport

Enjoy low orbit view of gas giant and observe huge storms:


• A screenshot of the view.
• Your Commander name – this will be used as a location selected by, if it’s used.

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