ANNOUNCEMENT 2.2 Your Input Needed - Passenger Tourist Destinations


R ANDROMEDAE - a very big rare S-type star. Quite close to bubble, and has some more celestial bodies in system.

QIEDEAE AA-A H0 - Spectecular system with Wolf Rayett and several class O and B stars (and tiny tiny protostar baby), making an amazing view. Quite far.
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Cheae Euq ER-L c21-0 3 A. So far off the beaten track it promises to be the trip of a lifetime! (possibly quite literally;))
Anywhere on the surface with a good view of the rings. See for more pics.

CMDR Rojo Habe

Typical: there's a pic just like this one in this week's newsletter (mine's better though :)). There really is nothing new under the sun, or indeed sixty-two thousand light years from it.
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Submission by: CMDR Alex Traut
When it comes to near-bubble tourist spots, one of the most scenic I can think of is CD-26 1339, the system at the heart of planetary nebula NGC 1360. Just look at the variety of gorgeous views that can be found in this system:





(Note: these screenshots are not postprocessed or altered!)

I plan on making this the first place I take tourists on a long-distance run.
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From my "Horizons' wonders" thread (

You need Heatsinks to land on this planet, or you roast :eek: (planet 2 Ls from sun :eek: )
Cmdr LøLWUT's thread :
(I christened it LøLWUT HELL :) )

Location : HD 49368 (planets 1,2 & 3)
Credit to Cmdr LøLWUT

(you can see all 3 planets)

The Monolith
Thread(and video) :
Location : ALTAIS 2B
LAT/LON : 47/2 (or 2/47, bearings have changed so many times)
Credit to Cmdr Hoppryngil


R Coronae Austrini

Really weird spinning star. There's a youtube video of it (not by me)

<span class="st">[video=youtube;lRCjigSMKSQ][/video]
• "The Salad Bowl" HIP 38064 2 (-3.70, 41.40) [Largest Crater Currently In Game as well as spectacular view of the main star]


• CMDR Demetrios
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• Location name:Chasm of Doom, LFT 37, 6A, Lat -2.65, Lon 1.10
• A screenshot of the view.
• Your Commander name M.A.R.S.H.A.L.L.

• Location name: NGC 281 Nebula, NGC 281 Sector JH-V C2-2 C
• A screenshot of the view.
let me find one!
• Your Commander name M.A.R.S.H.A.L.L.
I don't have specific names, but I think it would be logical to have tourist missions towards certain core systems, such as Sol, Lave, etc.
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