Patch Notes Update 2.3 The Commanders - Changelog

I wonder if holome can be actually made to resemble my excellence. Servers upgrading atm, but client is not updating.
Control-F "bounty"

"When a bounty voucher or combat bond is awarded, all players in a wing who would previously have gotten a share will now get a copy of the full value"

I'm confused. [wacky]


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It's a good job it's almost time for tea break... I think I need to get myself 2 mugs of tea for this one :D
Asp (added second chair for Multi-Crew) mean that there was no second chair all this time? Than what was that thing directly below our upper chairs, on the lower level?
Yeah I don't think we will be getting to sit in that second cockpit...but another chair in the one we had already
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