65000 Ly from Sol Club, thread the fourth

Actually, my second visit to Beagle Point, last one was 11/11/17 but I didn't record it at the time.

This was a better visit, I managed to get to system OEVASY SG-Y DO this time, my jump range last time was just 5 ly too short! When I arrived at the star I shut down all unnecessary systems and supercruised as far as I could into the black away from Sol, why we do this I just don't know, instinct perhaps. Managed 7.48ly, just before it got dangerously close to requiring the Fuelrats. Took some pics then FSD back to the previous system.

o7 to all dedicated explorers who have made it out this far and many thanks also to Iain for maintaining this excellent forum.

CMDRDateDistanceOther Notes
Proixius14-Oct-330565,654.82Anaconda 'HMS Britannia'


CMDRDateDistanceOther Notes
B. Roberts15-Oct-330565,647.34 LYASP Explorer "Wanderer"
Oevasy SG-Y D0 B 9 F

Hi there. Would like to submit my application for the membership in "65K LY Club". On the 15th day of October Year 3305 ASP Explorer HMS "Wanderer" arrived to "Semotus Beacon" ( Oevasy SG-Y d0 ) and landed on the surface of Salomé's Reach (Oevasy SG-Y D0 B 9 F). It is very lonely here, I'm going home now.🙃
Oevasy SG-Y DO B 9.jpg
I made it for the first time to beagle point. Now I need to figure out how to make it to Ishum's Reach!

CMDRDateDistanceOther Notes
RoboReachAround9-Nov-330565Krait Phantom "Millennium Falcon" at Beagle Point

Going to need some jumponium for that. I did it on the ASP with 64 LY jump range and had to burn some fuel down to about 1/3 of the tank in order to cross the gap. Once with level 2 FSD injection and once with level 1. No big deal. Good luck.
Another one to add to the list :
CMDRDateDistanceOther Notes
Lord B of DXB08-Nov-330565279.35The Long Run (Anaconda)

Fully engineered Anaconda, even down to lightweight Life Support, jump range of 83.53Ly.
No shields, SUV or anything else to save me, just a fuel scoop and a scanner.
Made triple elite a couple of months ago so now spend my time looking for the most difficult/far off places to reach.
Currently sat in HIP 88036 trying to figure out what this strange blue dot is (that doesn't appear to be in the galaxy map)


o7 CMDRs, it would be a pleasure for me to join this exclusive club:
CMDRDateDistanceFurther notes
MaultierColt30807-Dec-330565,647.34 lyShip: Asp Explorer at Semotus Beacon (Oevasy SG-Y d0).
The ship is not fully engineered. The only engineered parts are the FSD (G5 range), the thrusters (G3 dirties) and the PP. Moreover, it lacks the Guardian booster, so no more than 48 ly range on maximum. But it has everything else an explorer needs on long journeys.

I started my trip around the Easter days and, after many interdictions by real life and "other" universes, stretching the length of my trip to more than 7 months, I finally made the final jumps to the previously mentioned system. I also have to mention that I didn't use any Neutron boosts since Sag A* (except for an emergency rush back to Explorer's Anchorage after getting my SRV stuck on an anemone) - I wanted to see what the universe has to offer on the way.

The photos for proof were taken when hovering just above the surface of Salome's Reach.

And after a lonely night on Salome's Reach, just enjoying the view, I set sails back to Colonia...
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