Hello to all commanders, I don't know if this has already been discussed, but I have a simple feature that would be interesting to put in the game, especially for explorers.

Put some compendium with the systems that the commander was the first to discover, the planets that he was the first to map and also some "tab" to be able to make notes, put some care or detail for ourselves. It is frustrating not to have the in-game record of certain things we did there, and having to write everything down can sometimes be even worse because we can write it down (I did it :)). As I said, it would be good to have these achievements in our hands, so we can go there to visit, have an idea where we have been and everything.

Well, for me this tool would be very good, I hope they implement something like this, because it would help a lot, and it would be more fun to explore, knowing the achievements we did.

Greetings to all Commanders.
Yes! I hadn't even thought about Codex, but it is perfect to put it there, it could be there in some "discovered" tab or something.
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