1. S

    Icy Traslucent! Features or Bug?

    o7 cmdrs On the planet AO RUN 4 D A we have found a strange feature regarding the icy planet and rocks/fumaroles on the surface. All surfaces not exposed to starlight in the system created a translucence through the rocks with obvious depth effect. The effect can be seen by simply creating a...
  2. Ram Paige

    [REQUEST] Tracking Limpets

    tl'dr When you gank a mob, hit the Type-9 (or whatever you want) with a Tracking Limpet, never losing track of the main pack! Basically been running a pile of PVE missions and I'll engage the first few ships from a mob but can never find the main pack again. When I pop into an instance, I can...
  3. zikolach

    Update 8: Emotes

    The post is an attempt to collect more information about upcoming feature and start a discussion to get early feedback from the community. This week first information was provided during Update 8 Upcoming Features stream (link to the video). Here are some examples of emotes from developer...
  4. electro

    Annoying things.... (feature or bug?)

    1. When I go to supercruise(from stop) my selected star becomes deselected. 2. When leaving ship to srv to do a "on-foot" mission. The location and distance to the object is not avabile anymore from srv.(why are they always dark?) 3. "Route cancelled" seems to happen for no real reason at all.
  5. V

    Elite dangerous is missing a great opportunity now that you can land on planets.

    I always thought "why are there no races? This is the perfect game for it" it could be just a mini gamer, or even another completely different profession. Now with the release of oddyssey and the availability of landing into planets they're missing a perfect opportunity to add this: Source...
  6. T

    Even more realistic rings with gaps and moons inside them

    Hey Frontier! Thanks for this beautiful game and astounding galaxy we can wander in! I'm a big fan of the game and also a big fan of Saturn and its ring (the real one). That's what brings me there today. I would love to see gaps with moons in rings in the future. Here is an example of the...
  7. Faktury

    A Outpost request with new Function/Lore

    I think it's a nice idea to build a outpost near colonia, where all kind of slaves can be get their freedom, because so we can colonize more in the galaxy. I have 100.000.000 Cr on my bank it is not much but a good start for colonize and freedom. What do you all think about it, it is kinda...
  8. Stoikiy

    Couple of suggestion features from CMDR Stoikiy

    Hello, dev-s, cmdr-s... this topic can be huge one. My opinion is hardly interesting to anyone, but if there are such people, including project managers, I hope I will see something of this in the future of the game. So let start: 1) suggestion feature: update punishments for PVP crimes...
  9. Coldmaster

    A simple feature to add

    Hello to all commanders, I don't know if this has already been discussed, but I have a simple feature that would be interesting to put in the game, especially for explorers. Put some compendium with the systems that the commander was the first to discover, the planets that he was the first to...
  10. H

    Fur Length Variation

    Hey guys, just thought I'd make this suggestion in the wake of the colour variation update since it would be the next logical step. Would simply need to add two parameters to the material shader that act as a range to modify the fur length value on the shell and fin meshes of the animals...
  11. Daverex

    General More Scary Monsters in Space please

    Non-Thargoid scary monsters in space would be cool enough to keep veteran players busy until the mythical big update comes later this decade. Get all Lovecraftian up in here, it's fine. Complete with harvestable naturally occurring resources for sale on the black market for us adventurous types...
  12. W

    Reptile wishlist (snakes and lizards) long with scientific names

    Lizards: Varanus macraei - Blue spotted tree monitor Varanus Reisingeri - Yellow tree monitor Varanus prasinus - Green tree monitor Varanus beccarii - Black tree monitor Heloderma - Gila monster Chlamydosaurus kingii - frilled-neck lizard Beaded lizard Panther chameleon Agama Bearded dragons -...
  13. J

    Object scaling

    Hello Frontier/Community Something I always missed in planet zoo was scaling items. In my opinion, to unleash ultimate creativity the user has to be able to rescale (certain) items. For example, I think that the option would help in creating scenery where things do not look as repetitive...
  14. G

    Random Events

    The one (and only) thing I liked about Rollercoaster Tycoon World were the random events. At random times (not too often) you would get a notification that someone (important) is visiting your park on day XY with a special wish (example for Planet Zoo: wanting to see a special/specific animal)...
  15. Old Duck

    Add "Plot Course" Button on Mission Transaction Screen

    When you look at the left panel, select Transactions, and then pick a Mission, there's room for one more button - PLOT COURSE. This would be wonderful! Insert it right before "Open Galaxy Map", since this is why I click that button in the first place, to plot a course. ps - Not everyone is on a...
  16. John Guevara

    long time exposure option for free camera

    i wish i could set a long time exposure and take a picture at a edge of our milky way to see other galaxies in the deep dark zones, like Hubble was doing: http://hubblesite.org/image/4492/news
  17. Distantz

    Multiple quality of life/easy to implement features.

    Hey Devs, Here are some ideas for some new quality of life/easy to implement features to scenery building and coaster building! Scenery: Make a keybind/button in menu that allows us to switch back and forth between averaged orientations for groups of objects in Advanced Move. Allow us to...
  18. S

    Add Comets, Oort clouds, and other new shiny stellar phenomenon?

    I love the galaxy in Elite, but I always wished there was just a little more to the asteroid belts, planet rings and other non-planetary bodies out in the black. I think it would be fun to add comets that travel from system to system, maybe even some large enough for small ships to land on, or...
  19. M

    New thread feature request

    Hey guys just a suggestion. How about you add an "Ask Questions" section and add the ability to designate a comment as the correct answer for the OP so that way when they designate it a correct answer then people who click it will be able to jump straight to that comment.
  20. S

    Bug, Feature or Spongebob?

    So just discovered an Earth Like world and stopped for some selfies - but the start, as Bowie once said, look very different today! Assuming my upload has worked, can you take a look at the screen shot and tell me if the start really look like this our here, or is there some rectangular...
  21. Gavin786

    Feature Request: Limpit Warning!

    Ever left a station and forgot your limpits? Wasted a whole load of materials synthesising limpits because you couldn't be bothered flying back? Guess what, you are not the only one. It would be really nice to have a limpit warning feature(that can be enabled/disabled on ship functions on the...
  22. Old Duck

    I would like an Augmented Reality tab similar to the Modules tab

    Definition - when I say "Augmented Reality", I'm talking about all things displayed on the glass of our cockpit that visually add to the space around us. We have the ability to turn orbit lines on and off, and already people are asking to allow for even more customization of this very specific...
  23. Athan

    Discussion [Feature Request] Current conflict status in FSDJump and Location ActiveStates

    Can we plase get the status of a conflict (War, Civil War, Election) in the journal? I'd envisage it being added into the ActiveStates array per faction. If it's an appropriate state then have a Progress key like: ..., { "ActiveStates": [ { "State": "Election", "Progress"...
  24. Ghostly Food Buffet

    Adding more choices to stall menu items

    I have to be blunt here with only mentioning this minor suggestion, but I'd really love it if we could get an option to add more menu items to stalls. For instance, I like making themed food and drink shops, with halloweenish ones being my favorite. the trouble is, I only have 3-4 items on...
  25. Yamiks

    [Video] Analyzing Engineering - What is it really?!

    VIDEO LINK HERE So High Grade Emmissions.. the random encounters are "core gameplay" for engineering and....I just don't know what to say else! Anyways: post below your favorite blueprints and what you need to do for them!
  26. T

    Megaship or smaller that players can have.

    I think it would be awesome if players could attain a type of Megaship that a player could upgrade and add modules to which they could call a home base. Players could store their ships/cargo and modules and with the ability of long distance hyper jumps I think would be a killer feature to the...
  27. C

    Illegal Planetary missions are listed as legal

    Every other illegal mission type lists out clearly that it would require you to do illegal actions. However, planetary missions do not have any such indication, even though they require illegal actions to be taken and the incurring of a bounty. What's the appropriate place to report this bug...
  28. A. P. Samorost

    No material drop from destroyed ships

    o7 CMDRs, does anyone know if it is a feature of a bug that destroyed ship (CZ) do not drop any materials? Important to say that I am not aligned to any side and do not attack anyone. I just wanted to farm some manufactured materials and thought that CZ would be great for that.
  29. Yamiks

    [video] The need for more "CONTENT"


    Please add missions to systems that are being scouted by Thargoids for attack

    Star systems and stations that have been attacked have lots of nice decoration and atmosphere. In addition, they offer missions that are directly attached to this that are both cool and profitable, awarding credits, materials, reputation and data. However, systems that are about to be attacked...
  31. CMDR Maelstrom Dragons

    New, larger 8x8 SRVs that use the fighter bay to deploy (only for capable ships)

    It would be nice to have a large, more stable vehicle for surface recon. The current SRV is too short and is really light making it very easy to lose control when hitting bumps. It would be great to have a larger kind of SRV (which would look better because lets be real, the SRV is really ugly)...
  32. Ulon Yuanshi

    Material Traders - Improving Exchange Rates via a Reputation System

    The "infamous" Yamiks have recently puplished their review and it seems that many players agree with what's being said in the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iDAdSy6xgY Personally, I also agree that there should be better exchange rates... but how will these be implemented? Simply...
  33. Yamiks

    [video] Material traders are HORRIBLE

  34. T

    Map Exploration

    So the game has been out for over two years now and less than 1% of the milky way has been explored. Don't get me wrong, i love the scale of this game. At this rate though the entire milky way will never be explored. While that might be intended, i had an interesting idea. so we are currently...
  35. CMDRTarkaDal

    SRV & Multicrew Feature Request

    First I'd like to quickly take this opportunity to say I am delighted with 3.0, the changes to the planets, engineers and the new chieftain particularly. Very good job! One of my few yet biggest disappointments with Horizons was the absence of SRVs in multicrew. It seems to be, particularly...
  36. C

    Group rank/ Group Leader Goals/ Group Rank Reward

    future update idea: It would be nice if player groups have the option for acquiring rank within the group by accomplishing mission objectives assigned by group leader... it would promote greater cooperativity on a macro level. Let’s say that if I’m leader of a group that people regular play with...
  37. R

    Feature request: Rent a warehouse

    I would like to kindly ask you for add a possibility to rent a warehouse in E: D. Mostly for cargo, but maybe for materials and data too. How it should works? You can choice between a few warehouse spaces, e.g. small (50t), medium (200t), large (1000t) with or without corrosion resistance, then...
  38. ATinyFurryRodent

    PvP Anti ganking module suggestion/idea

    Hi, I have an idea which might prove interesting for anti ganking. FDev could create a new module which fits into a utility slot. The module would create a 'cloaking' field around a ship of a particular size depending on the ship in question; small medium or large. It would present the ship...
  39. Quorthon

    Add system and station to transaction list for missions

    Feature Request: Can we add extra information in the list of mission transactions? For example here's a mission as it is now, with each mission in a two line part of the list: Boom Data Delivery 23H 56MIN Boom Data Delivery 21H 27MIN Deliver 120 units of clothing 23H 31MIN...
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