[FEDERATION] ACTIVE CLAN with DAILY EVENTS. Recruiting all skill levels. Apply at NovaForce.com today!

This is a fantastic group to fly with, and the daily events ensure something is always going on. No matter what you like to do in the game, we have it covered. PvP, BGS, Power Play, you name it.
Just another Tuesday night.
Just Another Tuesday.png
That was an interesting night I must say. Good laughs all around. I mean, that is one reason why I still stayed with Nova Force after all this time, and I plan to do so for the foreseeable future.

On that note, if you were on the fence whether to join or not, I would say give it a shot.
After all, between being the largest Federal squadron out there (according to INARA), daily events, and being a laid back, yet organized squadron, you might be surprised.
I'm another fairly new Nova Force member (about 2 months now), and I can confirm that the group is active, organized, and fun to fly with. The daily event talk in this thread is not exaggerated, and there's pretty much always someone around to fly with or talk to. The group also offers excellent training, with lots of vet players that are willing and able to train any players in everything from basic flight controls and game mechanics to hardcore PvP battle and survival techniques.

If you're looking for direction in the game, or just to fly with a fun bunch of fun, knowledgable pilots, Nova Force has always got people around, scheduled activities queued up, and a goal to work towards in the game.
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