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My goal here is to start a thread that is just a persistent outlet for all positive reflections on your experiences playing elite dangerous.

We have plenty of forumss focused on improving, or complaining about, existing game play elements. Well how about a forum dedicated to strictly to aspects of the game we are enjoying?

If you saw something incredible or sublime out there in the black, I want to hear about it. If something cool happened to you, or something truly exhilarating, share it with everyone, please!

How did it feel when you touched ground at that first thargoid site, or when you first glanced the hulking, ehthereal glow of a guardian beacon? Tell me. Tell everyone. I’m probably at work, scrolling the forums. I’d love to hear about it all.

Did you have a combat experience that got your heart pounding? A narrow escape? A costly victory? Are you really taking it in? If so, the community, I believe, would love to read about it

So what have you got from the game you’ve so many spent hours playing? I’m all ears.

It's pretty jaw-dropping, but so is the price :)

I play on XB1X, so there are also technical limitations. One day soon I will have a supercharged PC, top of the line VR, and a HOTAS. Cost be damned. I want to look to my upper-left and see a rotating orca enter a gravity lock.
1st (2nd perhaps?) time a Thargoid came to harvest a barnacle while I was there farming.

I boosted my SRV at it wildly shooting everywhere. It was so silly and absurd and fun.

Hope to one day own a VR capable PC (or they support PS4 VR) so I can also have that experience.
I remember a time back in my Viper days, probably within my first month of starting. I found a nice icy moon orbiting a gas giant and decided to set down in a narrow canyon after running through it at high speed for a while. Got into the SRV for a little drive and came up on a hill that gave me a view of the canyon, but more importantly, a beautiful view of the partially lit gas giant kissing the horizon.

In VR it was an absolutely awe-inspiring sight. I just sat there staring at it, probably with a big stupid grin on my face. Made me feel like I was really out there. Chasing that feeling is probably why I’m still here.

Amongst all the bugs and balance issues, and all the community squabbles, Elite Dangerous is, above all, beautiful.
Ive a cv1, 3 sensors and controllers etc I dont want. Hardly used. In Surrey.

I get that motion sickyness from it, despite never ever getting travel sick or anything.

I admit it is amazing, but bleuch lol..esp after too many choc biscuits.
just yesterday, facing off against 2 wings of players, interdiction after interdiction (about 20)...managing to overcome then all, loved it :) Felt like a real invasion of a Warring power-play :)

''I’m all ears.'' <that's weird :p
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YES. Love this. That somber piano music....

Or the haunting thargoid theme. You sit in your SRV watching mysterious scavengers flit to and fro, the steadily building bass note pulses, there’s a shrill alien dischord. You think to yourself.... this is about to get weird.

I just had one myself.

I was in the Merope system battling thargoid Scouts in my F.A.S., The Xenocide. I faced off against a group of 4 scouts, including maurauder, berserker, and inciter variants. We did battle several thousand meters above an icy ring system surround a gas giant with ammonia-based life.

The battle music, the sound of those scouts whipping around me, my turreted AX multicannons firing frantically, all in front of that gorgeous backdrop.

My heart was pounding. It was amazing.
Simple one this, but the first time I entered a system with a white dwarf. After admiring it for half a minute, I went in for a closer look, not realising what the consequences of that would be. Oops.

At least my Sidey debris will be out there for future explorers to discover.
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