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Are there any plans for a general spit and polish pass for existing missions and scenarios.

I'm thinking about stuff like the contents of Distress Beacon scenarios changing when you leave and come back (first it's Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo in an Adder with no fuel, I go away to get fuel limpets and come back to the same signal source, but now it's Guy Incognito in a Cobra with a damaged hull). Or a mission to kill five pirates that takes you to a PoI in empty space where five unwinged pirates are just randomly hanging out waiting for you to come and attack them.

It would make a huge difference to me if all these little tiny things were more consistent and better integrated into the game.

Stephen Benedetti

Community Manager

With the balancing patches that are underway (which I am a fan of btw) you caused a bit of a stirrup for me (and maybe other CMDRs like me). I use my Fleet Carrier for bulk trading, so I can offer competitive prices for mined goods. That way CMDRs who aren't mining min-maxingly have a place in the neighborhood to sell their goods at a reasonable price and at a FC with a large demand.
This does mean that my profit margin is rather small and I hoard minerals until I run out of space and then sell when prices go up at stations that are out of the way. Between the announcement of pay nerfs and the rollout I have been frantically selling all of my stock and have subsequently lost around half a billion credits.

I'm not complaining about the credit loss; that's my risk to take and I take it gladly. I'm just wondering whether to expect more of these sudden changes in the coming nerfs/buffs? I'd like to know, so I can adapt my trading strategy.

Cheers for all you're doing and all your time.
As we announced here we are working on rebalancing Elite Dangerous on the build-up to Elite Dangerous: Odyssey. This will bring changes to the galaxy so we hope that you watch our social channels for any changes and updates, so you can plan accordingly.
Ok, now I would put one more twist on it: limit the amount to buy or the margins depending on your level of friendship with the faction in charge multiplied by a factor depending on your entrepreneur rank, something like the factions "reward" your friends making it easier for them to do better business.

Besides, they are not going to do anything to the "rare". Since they put on, they could improve their profit margin (that shipment of Lavian brandy brought to Cologne still stings me for which they didn't even pay me the cost of the toilet paper I spent to get there)
Some other questions if you could please;

Q - Medium saud Kruger ship, can we expect to see one.

hint hint ->

Q - In the Codex Knowledge base, it says the INRA developed Mycoid in 3151 (Codex - Knowledge Base - The Thargoids - Vulnerabilities). On the Human-Thargoid Contact page, it says the INRA was established in 3193. Should we take this as a typo, or something shady like 'Formally established in 3193 but worked long before'?

Bruce G

Senior Community Manager
Whilst not really a game question, any advice for people looking into Community Management positions?

And a game question to balance things out:

Will player minor factions like say, the Fuel Rats or my own Whitetip Operations, be represented in some way in Odyssey through the NPCs? There was a piece of concept art that showed something similar to my faction's logo on a bunch of people working in a security surface base and was curious if that means something or if it's just a 'concept artist only' thing?
Hi FrameshiftShark,

There's way more to say about this than I can fit into this reply, but this article I saw recently was fantastic:

Bruce G

Senior Community Manager
1) will you ever give the possibility to buy commander slots instead of being forced to make a new account to have a new commander?

2) will there be an helmet HUD in odyssey? and will you have some kind of holographic personal display to read information when you are on foot?

3) any plan to add another rank to acknoledge the one that already have greatly surpassed the Elite rank?
There are no plans to add additional commander slots.

Bonus answer: helmets for on-foot play in Odyssey WILL have a HUD.
Hi folks!

Bright stars to you, Creators!

I have studied the first changes in the pricing policy of the Mining and, along with the others, I expect further developments.

At the same time, I want to offer you an alternative option for pricing:
Experienced Commanders will be satisfied, and new players will not get a way to earn money too quickly.

The principle can be applied to all activities in the Galaxy. Here is an example of mining:

if you introduce an additional system of skill ranks in mining, the New Commander will not be able to get everything at once.

Stations will pay less to a low-skilled mining specialist.

And the Commander who spent many days on mining, and pumped his skill, will be considered an Elite and get the maximum reward for high-quality ore.

In this way, mining will be fairly paid relative to the time spent, but will not allow a novice to become a tycoon without the corresponding expenditure of time and labor.

Arthur Tolmie

Lead Community Manager
Firstly, I appreciate the recent changes in how CMs interact with the arrival of new people in the team :)

Q: Are there plans to introduce the AXCZ back into the game? If not in form of incursions then at least one or two permanent ones in Pleiades or somewhere?

Surely you can understand the frustrations of AX Community which had their best and most fun piece of content go missing more than a year ago :( I understand that we might have to wait for new content for Odyssey but it feels as if we are losing content and not even staying at the same level as before.
AX combat is important to us and the story of Elite Dangerous going forward, the team and I have worked hard a crafting a narrative that incorporates all elements of the game into a coherent story.

I cannot go into details and I appreciate that is frustrating, but I am sure you will be happy with what we have in store!


Any chance for a balance pass for some ships?
I'm thinking specifically about T-10 that seems to be missing a size 7 internal (when T9 got an extra size 8 internal, T10 got nothing)
Asp Scout could use some love too
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