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Stephen Benedetti

Community Manager
Why did fdev give in to those below the 25% for the CG reward?
We are still working out the correct levels of rewards to give out for CG's due to new variables in the game (such as Fleet Carriers). Due to this we are still working on and changing the reward amount until we get it right.

Is powerplay and BGs ever going to open only?
There are no plans for PowerPlay and the BGS moving to Open only at this time.

Are there going to be changes to the amount of AX/Guardian weapons you can have on a ship as 4 is alright but would be nice to have more.
There are currently no plans of changing the amount of AX/Guardian weapons on a ship at this time.

Stephen Benedetti

Community Manager
Q: We often tell new users to select the controls preset of "keyboard and mouse with yaw". Could Frontier consider making that the default setting? Could Frontier please also consider unbinding "Jettison all cargo" for new users? It just causes issues.
Great feedback, we will pass this on to the development team. But as it stands we have no plans to change any default settings, or unbending "Jettison all cargo".

Bruce G

Senior Community Manager
Bright stars to you, Creators!

I have studied the first changes in the pricing policy of the Mining and, along with the others, I expect further developments.

At the same time, I want to offer you an alternative option for pricing:
Experienced Commanders will be satisfied, and new players will not get a way to earn money too quickly.

The principle can be applied to all activities in the Galaxy. Here is an example of mining:

if you introduce an additional system of skill ranks in mining, the New Commander will not be able to get everything at once.

Stations will pay less to a low-skilled mining specialist.

And the Commander who spent many days on mining, and pumped his skill, will be considered an Elite and get the maximum reward for high-quality ore.

In this way, mining will be fairly paid relative to the time spent, but will not allow a novice to become a tycoon without the corresponding expenditure of time and labor.
Thanks for the suggestion, Commander! We considered this approach and will continue to mull it over as we continue adjusting and making changes to mining and trade.
What happened to the Powerplay bobbleheads? You made two (Patreus and Winters) but like the feature was forgotten about.



Stephen Benedetti

Community Manager
When Squadrons was announced there were high hopes for it and some expectations were met. However, in some areas it arguably didn’t feel as if it had satisfied the needs of the ED Player Groups. As such are there any plans to revisit Squadrons in the future and take into account further feedback from Player Groups when considering any changes.

Many thanks.
Right now there are no plans to update Squadrons as our focus is on Elite Dangerous: Odyssey. However, player feedback is always welcome to all parts of our game.


Volunteer Moderator
Hi Ozric,

I'm keen for smuggling to become a viable high-risk/high-reward alternative to trading as I alluded to in the other thread you just mentioned. As for the 25% bug, I can confirm that by virtue of being on the Issue Tracker it can be considered known and fitted into QA/Devs agenda for being investigated.
Thanks for that Bruce, it does lead into my second question.

Can I ask when the Issue Tracker will be addressed? There are many bugs within the tracker itself and also there is no way to get reliable feedback on what is going on. The bug I linked earlier was raised in January 2020 and it is still just 'confirmed'. I have had bugs that have "expired" just because 10 Cmdrs didn't confirm the bug, but it is still present in the game. Some issues expire after 30 days, others persist for over a year without being confirmed. The confirmation/voting system is heavily weighted to those who can amass enough people to push their own agenda.

Also in April of this year 1,016 issues were wiped off the tracker in one day. If you assume a conservative 5 minutes per issue created, then that's around 85 hours of player time spent creating issues, just gone.

Unfortunately this doesn't create an environment where people feel as though they should raise bugs on the issue tracker, a lot of people do see it as a waste of time. This is a big problem now, but when we get to Odyssey it will become a huge problem. I really think we need some good strong feedback on the tracker itself and that changes need to be made by the time Odyssey is released in order to make it a success.

Will there be a tutorial that gets harder and harder to teach new people how to high wake out off combat?

Just thinking this may help with a massive issue at the moment


This could be done in a stock sidewinder going up against another sidewinder and then the final challenge could be going up against a fully engineered npc with groms and a fast medium ship and you are in a typ 7 for example
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Hi guys, with regards to odyssey, can you tease more if any BGS changes, e.g. uniforms for player factions on NPC's, custom logos on stations, or some other benefits that supports of a faction may take advantage of.

o7 The Fatherhood News.
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