Patch Notes Update April Update - Patch 1

Wow, in this video it goes form ok to total tobacco in a second! I get gradual tilt of the view, quite fast but nothing like that.
Some lateral movement usually cures it.

Moving around does not fix it. Seems the worst with systems that have bodies more then 400 k away.
OK folks - patch day challenge!

While the servers are updating ... how fast can you get the SRV to go in the "SRV practice" challenge scenario.

It's tricky 'cos you have no repair synthesis to hand.

I'll set the bar with a submission of 325 m/s.

Great idea! Couldn't match that speed but just got my " 15 seconds airborne in an SRV ". Cheers o7
Delaying tactic - knew I'd be correct soon :)
Patience is a virtue. 2020 will be here soon enough

That wasn't reacting to impatience Factabulous, what you were doing there was straightforward trolling by misdirection. You were lying to make other customers think the problem was at their end.

I am back in the game and it appears stable with the bugs that affected me seemingly fixed (subject to more testing, getting FPS stutters in station instances).

Paige Harvey

Community Manager
Submitted bug report for disappearing missions:

On the upside, the restock problem is gone for me too, so while I can't do any missions, I'll check/confirm other stuff. I'm especially interested whether the frame drops are resolved.

Hey Commanders, thank you for letting us know about vanishing missions (both new and old). The team are already working on this, and we'll provide you an update when we have more info!

Thank you for also using the Issue Tracker to report this to us, the information provided there alongside screenshots is super helpful in assisting our team to track down issues!
Very nice to see the power priorities bug is gone, that was the one bothering me the most, so thanks!

The long distance passenger mission I was flying did disappear (although the passengers themselves are still there). Well 5000Ly isn't too bad to me, and it really was just an excuse to go out there and explorer. Might as well have a look at the Cat's Paw Nebula...and add to that ticket Ookamiza posted.
Hm, mission (half delivered) not present too :( But records abount killed pirates are present on the 2nd screen...
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