Patch Notes Update April Update - Patch 1

It's saying April patch is live in the launcher but steam hasn't downloaded anything. It also says server is up.
I assume it's still ongoing?

I've just logged in and had the message that "your client is too old, please upgrade" - but no upgrade shown, so I guess it's ongoing...
Has the High Grade Emissions (re)spawn been really fixed now?

After the last update my friend, who is a seasoned pilot, spent more than 1h looking for HGE in several systems and find ONLY ONE.
OK folks - patch day challenge!

While the servers are updating ... how fast can you get the SRV to go in the "SRV practice" challenge scenario.

It's tricky 'cos you have no repair synthesis to hand.

I'll set the bar with a submission of 325 m/s.

Cargo buy is accelerated again, and the FPS drop appears to be fixed (ship trails have re-appeared, I had disabled them before).
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