Patch Notes Update April Update - Patch 2

You'll be back - you always come back...
This time i was back for a few days, after a months long break, when the FSS broke and i havent played since. I did log on to my squadron discord server the other day to say hello, but im trying to convert some of them to an il2 squad.
Hello folks,

Thank you for the reports! We've let the team know, but could you please let us know which systems you are in when this occurs?
Maia - big time! Looks like if there are more than a certain number of things in view it freaks out - works better when not many things in the view. Irritating :)
// BUG // CRASH //

Game process was crashed on both computers at same time , while flying in the wing. My ship was linked to the wing master , so we are fly to the 'mission target' in the supercruise, and after pressing blue "safe exit" by wing master we are both got a game crash. One important note: my computer box sent crash report successfully, but second computer gone to main menu with error message like " uncorrectable error on the stats server. press ok to return main menu."

// UPD //
its reproducible
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I am not at home and I haven't tried the new patch yet, so I'm writing this based only by the reports of other users.

Hasn't anyone higher in FD management noticed this continued incompetence in fixing bugs? It's one thing for a developer to think they've fixed something, but a totally different thing for their supervisors to give the ok for releasing this buggy code. And it's more than once for more than one bug. Come on, people, please get your act together. It's not funny anymore (if it ever was!).

Bring back some people from the 2020 upgrade, the remaining team (including their management) is not enough.
LOL. Upgrade started at 13:04...completed at 13:06 :ROFLMAO:

& I only have crap superfast fibre from BT! I'll be very miffed if my bindings or HUD or anything else is borked as a result of this piddling patch!
All of the fixes/changes that were introduced in this update are contained in the patch notes in the OP.
I certainly wish that was true. However that doesn't seem to be the case. The FSS bug was said to be fixed, however it is not. The scanned planet bug was said to be fixed multiple times before, however it is still not. Two examples I can recall off the top of my head, out of a pile of others over the years.

I'm not going to pretend that game development is easy, but you guys are really starting to earn a reputation in my mind... and not a very good one. Whatever that top secret 2020 update ends up being, I am very concerned that it will end up tainting this game. Considering how you guys aren't even confident enough to give us a general idea of what it is, that paints a picture that you aren't sure you will be able to deliver it at all. And especially after the past couple of years, that is seeming more and more likely to be the case...
FD repetitives failures to fix bugs without proper testing is becoming more a meme or running joke than anything else. Pathetic.
These kind of bugs happen all the time in software development and to be honest, any developer who says they create bug free code every time is lying.
yeah, that's why we test.

Although this bug got through this time, you know that a test case will be added for all future development to make sure it doesn't happen again.
yeah and that's why we automate all these tests and often run many of them transparently with every single code change, multiple times a day. it's trivial, really.

but sorry for the interruption, you were busy trying to excuse lack of professionality with some emotive discourse about black computer magic and the olde glory days ... go ahead.
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@Will: I'm quite new to Elite:Dangerous but already lived through the first update. Why do you (Frontier Development) are not giving more information about e.g. knowing about certain issues? For me from the outside it looks like, that you don't even know about problems within the game, what apparently is not quite the fact. Is there another board/forum or anything else to look up information from your company? You even brigded the first update day with a video stream. So, why do you (FD) do not give some little more response to questions many of the players came up with in the forum? And I mean normal simple questions without any negative feelings in them. Just simple things to let your community know: 'We are here and we hear you'. If we would have such an information strategy with our customers (software developing company as well) I had to look after a new job next month.

And by the way: I love all the things that were introduced with the april update.
The software your company develops also sells for $25, including support and updates?
Thanks Will. Really digging the small patches for fixes. I wish that FDev continues to fix bugs by pushing small updates regularly instead of big ones once every few months.
Absolutely this. Small bug fixing/minor patches often please.
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