Patch Notes Update April Update - Patch 2

That's the one thing about this game. The original in 84 inspired a lot of kids (myself included) to become software developers. It's follow up 'Frontier' probably did as well. I suspect that probably means that there are a higher amount of developers ready to discuss development strategies and methodologies than other MMOs.

That said you can probably see folks checking the FSS and scanning a system with bodies closer than 100,000 ls away and thought 'Yup, that's ok and passed it.'. Nobody was expecting that there would be a problem with bodies more than 100,000 ls out. These kind of bugs happen all the time in software development and to be honest, any developer who says they create bug free code every time is lying. Although this bug got through this time, you know that a test case will be added for all future development to make sure it doesn't happen again.
Yep, this is alright and it's understandable.
My problem was with FDev's approach.

They pushed out the April patch on 23rd and immediately on 24th they acknowledged some bugs and informed us when they will be fixing them. And they fixed them pretty quickly with a hotfix. Well done there.

Unfortunately, the hotfix contained new bugs and suddenly FDev went completely quiet.
No info, no communication, nothing...
This approach feels a little schizophrenic.
Any indication how long the servers will be down for this update?

In danger of having to do some gardening...😕

Edit: as you were, downloading now!
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Thank you for the fixes! Let's hope performance doesn't get degraded this time. :) It will be great to finally use the FSS again as it was intended. (y)
It seems to depend on what angle you are scanning the star from, if you level with the orbital lines it fails to zoon.. if you go under the orbital lines it works again.
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