Best WD classes for Boosting

Alright, I'm still new to Boosting, but I was curious if the class of white dwarf, has an effect of the length of the cone and the turbulence on entry?

I feel like it might, because every time I've been to a standard DA class, the cone is relatively short distance out from the exclusion zone and it's extremely hot and turbulent.

On the other hand, I've run into a couple DAZ class WDs, and those ones have cones that stretch way beyond the exclusion zone, so much so, that I barely generate heat while on approach.

Haven't been to neutron star highway or anything yet, as I've just been doing passenger transport for now to gain some easy money and prep my aspx for expeditions. But, I have the same question about those. Does the subclass of an NS have any effect on the cone length from exclusion zone, turbulance, heat, etc?

EDIT: Just an observation I noticed, but apparently, when you're super cruising after charging your FSD (exploring the system or whatever) it'll continually drain FSD integrity until you actually make the jump and drain the excess charge. Almost lost my FSD during a passenger mission because of this 😅

EDIT, EDIT: Want to add another question. Is it possible to drop out of FSD at a NS or WD that doesn't have a cone?
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