Beta FAQ

Open Beta FAQ

  • The Beta appears as a new option to start in the launcher when it is available, normal game will remain available during beta.
  • Beta will go live in UK office hours - usually between 9:00 and 19:00 UTC, most often afternoon / evening. 3.0 Beta was 14:30
  • No, consoles don't participate in the Beta. Yes other games have Beta access on consoles, ED does not.
  • Might be worth backing up your keybinds.
  • To reduce the clutter in the launcher you can add the /edh option to your launcher shortcut. You are welcome.
  • No, we dont know how large the beta is yet. CMDR Thrust from Bradford knows, but he's too busy walking around an Atmos planet on his space legs with his NPC crew.
  • If the download stops and complains about truncated files this might help
  • No, you cannot take anything you find in the Beta out of the Beta
  • Your commander will be based off a copy taken recently
  • Values in the Beta may not reflect the final game - often mission spawn rates are changed, and we can expect broker rates to change. Probaby.
  • The beta may restart / become unavailable without notice. It's a beta. Chillax.
  • No, you will not keep any unlocked tech broker recipes after the beta.
  • Anything you do in the Beta does not affect your main CMDR
  • Make sure you are running the Beta before doing destructive things. Beta often has a watermark so you can check. But double check...
  • If you are not where you want to be then FD may respond to move requests in the Beta, if you ask nicely.
  • Or you can kill your ship and respawn at the starter system if you want to get back to the bubble.
  • You can also reset your CMDR, sometimes Beta resets will set extra money/other things so you can get back to testing - check details in the beta before resetting!
  • No, you cannot take anything you find in the Beta out of the Beta
  • You need to remove the beta files after the beta, but it might be worth keeping the around until the full release as the files are alledgedly used instead of downloading
  • No, you cannot take anything you find in the Beta out of the Beta
  • Report bug as beta tickets. Feel free to add your information onto existing tickets, but they are reports - not discussions.
  • Talk about the beta in the beta forums. Console users probably don't want to hear about cool stuff they can't access yet.
  • No point in putting in feature requests. Beta means the code is about ready to release, it will get tweaks, but not features (Many will ignore this and get irate)
  • No, you cannot take anything you find in the Beta out of the Beta.
  • No-one reads this far - treat yourself to a biscuit!
I feel I should also mention: Whatever happen in beta stays in beta.
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Repped, thank you mate, you answered all the questions I have - owe you a beer or three (ice cold beer of course, not that warm Pommy muck ;) )

There is one thing we CAN take take out of Beta into the live build.


Imagine if on wednesday someone finds Raxxla...
Will never happen. Anyone who claims to have found Raxxla will have mysteriously dissapeared well before they could post any details.
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