Community Event / Creation Buckyball Racing Club presents The IronBucky - A BRC standing challenge

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IronBucky Update – 29th April 3306

Alec Reclaims the IronBucky!

Cmdr @Sgurr
held onto the IronBucky Trophy for exactly one month before Cmdr @Alec Turner snatched the coveted metal marsupial back. Alec's Wasat time was almost two full minutes slower than Sgurrs blistering run, but at 10:58 still ranks as the second best IronBucky SRV run ever made - and with only 3% hull SRV integrity remaining at the end it's fair to say that Cmdr Turner pushed his buggy to the limits.

Alec more than made up for those two minutes with his flying skills, blazing his own trail around the IronBucky course to finish with a total time of 1:07:09, pipping Sgurr's record by 31 seconds and claiming the IronBucky for a record third time.

This was Alec's third attempt of the month, after one run was aborted due to an obscured jump from Wasat and another blazing run finished narrowly outside of the record, mainly due to one of those "oops, forgot to request docking permission!" moments that are all to common when approaching stations at eight times the speed limit! This run could also have gone wrong, as Alec forgot to refuel despite !REFUEL! bobbleheads and repeating "refuel refuel refuel refuel" to himself on approach, but his luck and his nerves held out and the IronBucky trophy is his once more.

From the 25th run by the first ever IronBucky runner, we move onto a first IronBucky run by Cmdr @GhostHawk668 who became the 12th Cmdr to successfully complete the challenge. Ghosthawk sits in 11th place with a time of 1:53:29 made using his Dolphin Teumessian Fo and his Scarab SRV named El Diablo. He reported that "If it could've gone wrong it probably did," but as he said he did finish, and any run that makes it to the end of the IronBucky is a great run - so congratulations Cmdr! o7




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Apologies @Brother Sabathius I've never gotten around to updating this thread.
I did receive your entry, but had a lot of catching up to do in the A* Challenge thread.
I will get the IronBucky tables up-to-date during the weekend. :)

Also @Alec Turner I saw your live 8WD Wassat stage time. o7
I'm guessing that you're confident you can beat your IronBucky time if needed?
I've got the A* Challenge near-enough up-to-date, after a long absence from the forums, I've got a couple of runs to add to the IronBucky boards, so I'll make sure I get those done later today or tomorrow. :)
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