Chieftain Size and perhaps other specs

We have a new update due to the open beta trailer released on the 12th of January 2018:

CMDR Bunkerkind Anni created a nice diagram of the hard points.

I'm sure from this, figuring out its size from perspective lines should be a cakewalk for you folks.

What I can say off hand is that there appears to be 2 weapons on top. a class 2 and 3 or a class 3 and 4. There seems to be some debate on whether the forward weaponry is one class 3 or one class 2s side by side. Notice the top weapon has the hatch that slides back.
It seems to have 6 utility slots and interestingly, it only has 2 crew positions.

Oh and it is definitely a Lakon ship judging by the landing gear. (And the rear landing gear does from out of the rear engine!)


Original Post

I created this image after seeing various estimates of how big folks thought the Chieftain was.

I realised this could be done by using the human scale reference in some of the scale images.
What I didn't realise when making it was actually how small the Chieftain really is.
I think the Chieftain has the largest cockpit size to number of human ratio on any ship.
It seems to be not much larger than a keelback and would fit comfortably in the dimensions of an Asp explorer.
What most interesting about it is that it is shown as a 3 person ship. Only time will tell if that is true.

What we can also tell from this video:

is that it seems that the Chieftain has 4 size 2 hardpoints on the top and 2 utility slots.

What else have you noticed?

Beseiger hazards that there are 9 utility slots and 6 hardpoints on the Chieftain of which the top 4 are large (2 assumed on the bottom) and thus the ship must be a large ship because no multicrew ship with this number of utility slots and hardpoints can be a medium ship.

While I understand the logic I disagree on some of his premises. I think the middle most utility slot is too large compared to the rest so it isn't a utility slot (so a total of 8)
And i think those 4 large hardpoints on the top are actually medium hardpoints.

And that there are medium ships with 6 or more hardpoints, such as the Asp or the Federal Gunship. (of varying weapon sizes)

What do you think?

CMDR Anthony Hunt made his rather clean comparison that shows much more accurately the sizing of the ship based on the size of the cargo hatch.

What do you think of these dimensions?
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What is this Chieftan you speak of?

Have you planted that "thing" where the Dolphin is supposed to be on that chart??!!! :mad:
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Interesting! For some reason, a lot of people were speculating that it would rival the T-9 in size. I guess that shows how much people underestimate the size of ships in Elite.
I do wonder about the size. I noticed the cockpit frame lines are different in the two preview images they show, as though one was concept art, perhaps.

And exciting looking ship.
Hardpoints on the front pylons too ? And underneath at the front ??

Surely, the pylons would not be provided without hardpoints ? Doesn't show weapons, but it's only an early model.
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Wow! Really thought it would be bigger.
Thanks for that. Great work on that chart as well...but you better put that Dolphin back😊


Yeah people are overestimating the size of the Krait as well.
That is because a few experienced/knowledgeable players have surmised that the Krait has a SLF & three cockpits, which would make it a medium ship...I still hope it's an awesome fighter, but knowing Frontier it is more likely to be a 'meh' fighter even if it is a small ship! :S
The Chieftain is a three-seater, so the comparison with the T-9 is more likely to fit than the comparison with the Sidewinder.
It's all in the name .... Chieftain implies big and tough, but the Chieftain tank wasn't necessarily bigger than other tanks, just faster and with a big gun :)
There's also this comparison that estimates it being larger.
The Chieftain is a three-seater, so the comparison with the T-9 is more likely to fit than the comparison with the Sidewinder.
I've seen that estimation and it's just based on canopy size and has no basis on a shared scale reference. The image is rubbish. Not that you are rubbish or that the artist who made it is rubbish, just that the image itself does not show scales accurately.

My image is based on human references that are in the source image such that a sidewinder (or any other ship for that matter) could be scaled accurately.

Frontier has a history of making ship canopies larger than needed that usually throws off scale... This is the first time where I've seen the canopy scaled more realistically. It's comparable to star citizen proportions.
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That is pretty much the size I suspected, based on the cockpit vs chairs size. I estimated it to be somewhat similar size of the AspX.

I've been wishing for more mid-sized new (not carbon copies) ships for quite some time, ships that can bring the AspX and Python some wortwhile competition, so this is a plus in my book.
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My guess from the concept art is something dropship sized as well. Also, would FD put in the Type 10 which is bloody massive, and then put in another bloody massive ship almost immediately after?
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