For anyone interested in Elite content that's more on the humorous/RP side of things, I've been putting out videos recently in a mini-series called "Deep Space Dangus", chronicling the adventures of Captain Spatula as he travels from Colonia, to Sagittarius A on a secret mission for (what he thinks is) The Dark Wheel.

I thought I'd post it here since a lot of my content just doesn't seem to surface too much outside a small group of brave CMDRS who willingly subject themselves to this space madness on the regular. Hoping a few folks from the forum might also appreciate some of these videos.

Anyway, here's the latest video:

All you really need to know to get started is that Captain Spatula got to Colonia on the Enigma Expedition which you can check out on this playlist:
(there are 3 recap episodes in there and the rest is a stream detailing every single minute spent from the bubble to Colonia and featuring some awesome content creators like Ascorbius, Turjam Slamstone, Mach1ne, Paroxsym, Plater, Yamiks... at least I think... I'm not re-watching hours of my own streams...)

And you can find all the videos for Deep Space Dangus in this playlist:

So far I'm on episode 4... and I'm kinda writing and editing as I go, so let me know what you think! As with most content creators, audience feedback (for ill or good) is like food for the creative mind!

Oh, and of course, I'm at 77 videos now - if you like any of the above and want to go through the whole shebang, there's a playlist here of all my Elite videos going waaaay back:

Thanks for checking it out!

Episode 5 (Deep Space Dangus' Finale) is alive:

Check it out and lemme know what you think!
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