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In real nature, there are a lot of kind of herbivore animal in the forest. So i recommend these dinosaurs to be shown on the game

1. Much more hadrosaur
2. Much more small herbivore dinosaur such as dryosaurus
3. Cretaceous sauropod: there are very various kinds of sauropod in cretaceous period
4. Jurassic herbivore: actually this means i want more small/middle sized herbivore dinosaurs
5. Deinocheirus: theropod which is herbivore
Thanks for reading!
hey since i heard you guys are focusing on land dinosaurs i was thinking that encase you do make marine creatures how about you put plesiosaurs like

abyssosaurus found in 2011 in Europe in early cretaceous of chuvash republic western Russia

albertonectes found in 2012 in north america in late cretaceous of bearpaw formation of Alberta Canada



alexandronectes found in 2016 in Australasia in late cretaceous new Zealand in conway formation

alexeyisaurus found in 2010 in Europe in upper Triassic of wilczek formation in wilczek land of franz josef land Russia

anguanax found in 2015 in Europe in late Jurassic in rosso ammonitico veronese formation of northern Italy



anningasaura found in 2012 in Europe in early Jurassic of lyme regis in the united kingdom

please and thankyou
Albertosaurus sacrophagus is nearly identical to Gorgosaurus libratus. Same size, Gorgosaurus is mostly just a little more slender with a slightly larger crest. And the Albertosaurus already has a larger crests than the real Gorgosaurus. They even lived in the same age and location. So what does adding the nearly same dinosaur again with a different name really add to the game? They are even more similar than Triceratops is to Torosaurus.
Some palaeontologists also don't consider Gorgosaurus a valid genus even. They place both species in the Albertosaurus genus. Albertosaurus sarcophagus and Albertosaurus libratus.
Or are you just listing dinosaurs for the hell of it? It doesn't seem helpful to list dinosaurs that don't add anything substantial.

We need a Triassic Pack for Herrerasaurus
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Most of those are not dinosaurs at all. Some aren't even reptiles, but synapsids/stem-mammals, like Dimetrodon and Placerias.
The game could use for some small ornithopod dinosaurs to add some diversity to exhibits without needing lots of space and can handle higher population sizes than the pachys. Also some of the weird or bizarre looking species could make interesting additions to the parks. Some of these could come out in themed packs of dinosaurs. While making the list I thought of these for possible packs: the Oddities pack (in purple) offering weird and interesting species, an Polar forests pack (in pale blue) offering species from Australia and Antarctica, a South American pack (in tan), an Oriental pack (in red) with species from China, Pint sized plant-eaters (in green) for truly small herbivores like the small ornithopods.
-Guanlong- crested early tyrannosaur from china, preserves primitive feathers
-Cryolophosaurus- forward facing crested relative of dilophosaurus from Antarctica (could also fit in the Oddities pack)
-Ornitholestes- early maniraptoran from the Morrison formation. Small predator, some believe it had a small horn or crest on its nose (look at WWD from BBC).
- Dromaeosaurus- relative of Deinonychus from later in the cretaceous and from Canada
-Masiakasaurus-bizarre small theropods from Madagascar with teeth in the front of the jaw that point forward and a slightly down curved lower jaw. Likely a fisher and scavenger.
-Australovenator- a megaraptorid from Australia.
-Qianzhousaurus- a long snouted tyrannosaur from china (could also fit in the Oriental pack)

-Nigerasaurus- bizarre looking diplodocoid with a down turned snout and a wide ended muzzle where all its teeth sat at the front.
-Dicraeosaurus- a small sauropod with a short neck
-Amargasaurus- strange south American sauropods with long dual rowed spines down the neck and short sail or hump over back and hips. (could also fit in the South American pack)
-Ampelosaurus- an armoured sauropod from France
-Saltasaurus- an armoured sauropod from Argentina
-Magyarosaurus- a cow sized sauropods from Romania
-Bajadasaurus- similar to Amargasaurus but the spines point forward instead of back, also from South America. (could also fit in the South American pack)

-Dryosaurus- small bipedal herbivore
-Zephyrosaurus- small bipedal herbivore like dryosaurus.
-Leaellynasaura- small bipedal ornithopod from Australia which had large eyes to see in the dark of the polar winters. (could also fit in the Pint sized plant-eaters)
- Kulindadromeus- small bipedal ornithopod which preserves downy fuzz and scales including large rectangular scales forming rows on the tail. (could also fit in the Pint sized plant-eaters)
-Camptosaurus- early relative of the iguanodonts from the Morrison and Portugal.
-Othnielosaurus- small bipedal herbivore like dryosaurus.
-Tenontosaurus- relative of Iguanodon with a very long tail.
-Draconyx- a relative of Camptosaurus from Portugal
-Saurolophus- hadrosaur with a large backwards pointing spike on its head
-Lambeosaurus- a crested hadrosaur
-Atlascoposaurus- a small bipedal herbivore (could also fit in the Pint sized plant-eaters)
-Morrosaurus- an iguanodon from Australia
-Macrogryphosaurus- an iguanodont from South America
-Jeholosaurus- small bipedal herbivore (could also fit in the Pint sized Plant-eaters)

-Psittacosaurus- early ceratopsian with quills on its tail. Its true colors are known thanks to how its skin impressions were formed. The parrot lizard.



  • Nothronychus- therazinosaur from the US
  • Therizinosaurus- largest Therazinosaur from Mongolia. Large pot belly, long neck, small head and big claws.
  • Beipiaosaurus- therazinosaur from china which preserves fuzz and quills on its body.
-Incisivosaurus- buck toothed oviraptors
-Chilesaurus- a strange mash up of features from the three main branches of the dinosaur family tree

- Heterodontosaurus- similar to dryosaurs in appearance with the notable difference in having fanged teeth. Kinda like the dinosaur equivalent to modern musk deer.
-Tianyulong- Chinese relative of Heterodontosaurus which also preserved fuzz and quills coating its body.

-Deinocheirus- largest gallamimus. Had humped back, bulky head and massive arms.
-Gigantoraptor- largest oviraptor
-Citipati- an oviraptor
-Chirostenotes- an oviraptor
-Pelecanimimus- a gallimimus that preserved that it had a fleshy horn like crest on the back of its head and a pelican like pouch on its throat.
-Sinornithoides- a troodon
The game could use for some small ornithopod dinosaurs to add some diversity to exhibits without needing lots of space and can handle higher population sizes than the pachys.
I am really hoping that dryosaurus will have a good population tolerance. Would really suck if they made it like that pachys were you can hardly have anything with them.
This is a dinosaur that personally want in this game, whether it come in a pack or a DLC and if not then I hope to see it in a sequel.

This dinosaur was discovered quite recently. A skull of this dinosaur was found in Alberta in Canada in 2005. Because it had a strange drill on its skull it was nicknamed ‘Hellboy’. It would have lived during the Cretaceous period just before the Triceratops thrived. It would have been 5 meters long and weighed 1.5 tons.


It would be cool to have this dinosaur in the game because it looks so cool and unique and it would stand out more than the other Ceratopsians (in my opinion).
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