ED Astrometrics: Maps and Visualizations

A couple more huge dump files added. I had neglected to include the atmospheres and surface materials, so they're available now.
Can you add a sheet containing something like 'highest differnce between orbital period and rotational period of tidally locked bodies'?
I stumbled upon a body with 0.6:1.0 and now I wonder how common these bodies are.

HIP 79735 (20200325-212832).png
I also made adjustments to the "boxel statistics" spreadsheet to clearly indicate the boxel number (appended to the name). For instance, "Eol Prou AA-A c29-300" is the 29th boxel with AA-A and c-mass. I also adjusted the script to exclude soft-deleted data, which it should have been doing anyway.
I've updated it to require at least 50% difference in either direction, which includes about 2.3 million entries. I've also added a column for integer ratio (EDIT: Well, mostly, it creates integers when it can).
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