Release EDRefCard - makes a printable reference card of your controller bindings

And this commit looks like it might be the most recent addition of support for a new device:
but it came before the Odyssey update so it might not be the perfect guide.

Summary: there's a new drawing file (this probably represents a great deal of the work?), a new bitmap (which appears to have been created from the drawing file) and some updates to an existing Python file (mainly consisting of dozens of lines - one per button I believe - with a bit of text and what appear to be coordinates into the image).
Unfortunately, I'm not a Python guy, so I'm not going to be much help. If, in the future, you do run into hosting issues, I can put it on one of my servers.
Unfortunately, I'm not a Python guy, so I'm not going to be much help. If, in the future, you do run into hosting issues, I can put it on one of my servers.
No pressure, but if you check out the contents of that Git commit, you will see that no real* Python knowledge would be required to mimic the addition. However I suspect by far the hardest work is going to be creating the drawing/image and recording the coordinates of every text box etc.
[*Except that Python cares about indentation, and tabs are not treated like 8 (or any number of) spaces; that particular Python file uses only spaces but an unaware person could mix in some tabs instead. Endless fun there, lol.]
Been meaning to get to this, but have forgotten a few times. Added my custom bindings for dual VKB Gladliator NXT Premiums, and Xbox Series X controller. Page says controller unspported, I imagine it's the Series X controller causing it. Reference bindings: kefujq. Thanks!
Unknown device reference: zxmuwp

It is a Right hand Virpil Constellation Alpha on a vpc warbrd base and a Virpil Mongoose T-50 cm30 throttle. In reality, the throttle is split into 3 devices.
I have an unknown device reference: "fnssem".
They are the VKB GNX FSM GA & VKB GNX SEM modules connected to the Gladiator NXT EVO Omni Left
I love them and they make is so you can every button when coupled to the VKB Gladiator NXT EVO Omni Left & NXT EVO Space Combat Right and completely fill the game up with button choices. I hope you able to support them.
My file is here
I have recently picked up a turtlebeach velocity one flight stick and was wondering if it can be added (or better if someone has a build for it already)
I believe Virpil controls have too many different configuration and ID possibilities for this to ever work properly. That's a good thing except for this particular scenario.
The bigger problem is that Elite only supports up to 32 buttons per device, while the Virpil CM2 throttle can have up to 79 (depending on the configuration and throttle generation). Windows can handle up to 128 buttons per device since Windows 7 or so, the problem is Elite. There was a bug report for this with quite a lot of votes, but it does not look like Elite will ever get support for more than 32 buttons.

Since Virpil deprecated the ability to split the device into several at the firmware level, the easiest solution is to use the vJoy driver and Joystick Gremlin to map buttons 33-64 to buttons 1-32 of vJoy device #0, and buttons 65-96 to buttons 1-32 of vJoy device #1. Elite will detect the vJoy devices, and the mapped buttons will then show up as <Primary Device="vJoy" DeviceIndex="0" Key="Joy_1" /> and similar in the bindings.

However, the information that <Primary Device="vJoy" DeviceIndex="0" Key="Joy_1" /> is actually <Primary Device="33448193" "Key="Joy_33" /> is not in the ED bindings (33448193 is how my CM2-V2 throttle shows up, your value might be different). You would need to parse the XML files of Joystick Gremlin to find out that for the device with the GUID 733E09A0-73C1-11EB-8006-444553540000, button 33 is re-mapped to button 1 of vjoy device 1 (and yes, Joystick Gremlin starts the numbering of the vjoy devces at 1, while ED starts at 0). And the information that the device with GUID 733E09A0-73C1-11EB-8006-444553540000 has the USB vendor ID 3344 and USB product ID 8193 is only visible in the device information dialog of Joystick Gremlin, not in any config file. And the combination of these two IDs is what Elite uses in its bindings file.

And while the USB vendor and product ID should be the same for everybody, the GUID will probably be different on every system.

And of course, this assumes that everybody does the mapping of buttons 32+ to vJoy devices is the same way.

At the moment, I see two options:
a) Make a copy of the ED bindings file and manually replace all refrences of vJoy X, button Y with the correct reference for the physical device (to use the example from above, Device="vJoy" DeviceIndex="0" Key="Joy_1" becomes Device="33448193" "Key="Joy_33". This file will be useless for ED, but you could upload to, and once somebody supplies freely usable svg of the various versions of the Virpil CM2 throttle (there are at least three different ones), could then create a reference card for you.

b) There is a program named "Joystick Diagrams" that supports Joystick Gremlin but not ED. Unfortunately, development has stopped, so the chances of getting ED support for this program are slim. However, this tool can be mode to mostly work with the Virpil CM2 throttle (it does not support having the mode switch to create extra mappings for the B1-B6 buttons, and the encoder support is limited), and it will take the button description in the Joystick Gremlin profile XML and put it into the SVG it creates. So you would have to work backwards: Go through your ED bindings file, and every time you find a reference to the your throttle or its vJoy devices, enter the ED function as description in your Joystick Gremlin profile XML.

My current POC looks like this, you can see how most of the encoders are not correct, so the SVG probably needs some TLC

Although Windows can support much higher numbers of buttons and axes, DirectInput is still limited to 32 buttons. ED's older code relies on DirectInput, so ED has the same limitations. Although ED is at fault here, this wasn't an issue at release. I'm sure it would be a huge undertaking to re-write ED for direct access to devices.

The option to split Virpil into several devices wasn't depreciated., it was just disabled for awhile. It is now an option in the latest firmware. When I got my Virpil gear, the option wasn't there. I still have VJoy/JG because that's what I'm used to. If the option was there a couple years ago, my setup would be much simpler.

Note that Virpil software allows you to set any PID you want. When I updated to the latest firmware, the PID actually changed for both my devices. I just changed them back.

any Chance of adding the Virpil Constellation Alpha Prime L and R?

Reference: pafrcg

If you need any files I'm happy to support.
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any way to include the game pad settings in with the HOTAS? I Use my HOTAS for flying, and the controller for SRV/On-Foot controls. EDRC Doesn't pick up the fact I have controller bindings too, it only shows my HOTAS.
Also, a suggestion: The ability to filter order by date when viewing the published bindings, as older bindings may not be as relevant if they are pre-ED:O
Another request of the Virpil Constellation Alpha Prime pair. I imagine you could probably use the layout from the Constellation Alpha for reference.
Reference code: djaikm
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