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I've not yet landed on a planet with a blue sky. Anyone?

Myself: no. But I've watched some explorers stream, going to some nebula and having a very similar skybox to what they show in the introduction. It would unfortunately require me to do plenty of digging, which explorer and which video it was.

A place not too far from the bubble where you can at least experience part of the effect would be the monkey head nebula. The color is quite different, but you still can see the skybox shading.
I don't think anyone is thinking Earth-likes... Most people should know by now that it's barren worlds with atmospheres first, then the others to come later.
I'm happy to be wrong about that, though.

Yeah I'm not counting on earth likes either. But there are still quite a lot of other types of planets. I would love to see water worlds and lava worlds.
Unfortunately not at hand. But I've watched some explorer streams, and they found some places inside some nebula, which put a similar blue hue to the sky. Not the exactly same one, I have to admit, but similar enough that wouldn't consider it enough to confirm atmospheric flight.

The very first scene of the trailer shows the planet is NOT in a nebula.

You are reaching a tad too far, don't you think? The trailer clearly shows an atmospheric planet not in a nebula with a blue sky, something NOT found in game today.
That's one nice and good looking trailer. Much appreciated!

I have to admit, I am almost more excited about the regular Dev Diaris than about the DLC itself :D I can't wait for the first one

Oh, and if FDev pulls this DLC off without an FC like clusterhonk, this will go down as the greatest middle finger in gaming history.

SC: I'll make Sci-Fi FPS and ship combat and space sim and be "teh bestest spacesim ewwwwa" If I can get this stuff actually working one day
Elite: Hold my Lavian Brandy, kid.
I bought a space fighter, not a First Person Shooter. I don't buy First Person Shooters (at least not multiplayer ones, I like Narrative ones like Bioshock and Half-Life). I never wanted this, but I fear they try to force it like they did with Engineering and that's game end for me, I won't do it.
Technically you didnt buy it yet as its not released and you are under no obligation. No need to pout, the game you bought will continue to exist in the state it is currently in. You can stay in your chair until they shut off the servers. 🙄
Sadly I can't join the hype train. Seeing as Elite: Dangerous still is a bug ridden, feature patched mess 4 years after release, adding an entirely new game feature (first person shooter) screams road to disaster.

But seeing as the forum is more entertaining and more stable than the game, I'll be lurking with my popcorn ready to yell "I told you so!" at any and all blue eyed passers-by... :)

Have at you!
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