Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Update 3

@Zac Cocken I know your watching. I just wanted to point out I had to relog Horizons to claim my CG reward as there is no way to do it in odyssey from what I could tell from the megaship Iron will of justice.
I'm now getting a solid 60fps on a RTX 2070S following yesterday's patch.
Don't see any posting on these forums as to what this morning's hotfix is intended to address...
I think it's to do with the ongoing plot.

Slight improvement with my GTX 1050 Ti.

In space : 60+
In station in ship : 40+
In station on foot : 25-30.
On planet in ship / srv : 30-40+
On planet on foot : 30-35
On Foot terminal Menus : 15 (really sluggish).
Oh, am not aware of that. Will have to search the forum but haven't come across anything strange in settlements that caught my attention.
Neither did I, but some did. I did have loads of CTDs though last night, so hopefully that will be fixed. I usually get about one, or two, but last night it was every five minutes or so. Very difficult to get missions done.
I had issue to complete last community goal. Button was missing. I did it on horizons but didn’t get any reward. How can I get my reward please. I was in top 25%.
For me, one of the most refreshing changes that's come about, is having a Community Manager who is demonstrably comfortable with actually engaging with the community. Saying "we listen" and actually showing it are not the same thing and I hope the other CMs will follow Sally's lead.
and that change is missing from the patch notes. Thanks to the CM!!!!
I know I can play chess at the moment on Medium settings after scanning the planet surface, all I need is some pieces, with my GTX 1060
To everyone mentioning fps. It is REALLY difficult to compare anything, unless you tell what resolution you're running, what LOD settings, what hardware, and to a certain degree what GPU driver. Of course anyone is used to their rig and therefore can "feel" if fps is going up or down, but just posting "I get lousy fps" (as I did wrote yesterday before rebooting) holds as much useful information as "cats are cats".

I run RTX3070, R3950x, 64 GB RAM @3200, 970 Evo SSD, gigabit internet, HP Reverb G2, and a 4K monitor for pancake. On the 4K monitor using Ultra+, no SS, no AA and no blur, I get 60+ fps in space and ~50 fps on planets. I get decent performance in VR in stations (except the ones in asteroids), but I have not been to any burning settlement (I'm outside the Bub).

Generally speaking I see at least 10 fps more after Update 3, and even though I hope for more next week, this has been a huge improvement making the game a joy to play again, even though the VR performance (same resolution as 4K the monitor) still is meh. Anywhos :alien:(y)
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