Elite / Frontier Elite Plus

People, millenials, vets, and guys play some games. There are lively communities for ancient games there. In some of those games the humanity itself transcend when they show something is possible. Tasks are set for the next generation. Papers write about those heroes.

In PC Elite Plus, things are different.

The Elite Federation EP certified pilots are so rare and their records set so low that it is ridiculous there are still elder people waiting. Young folks, everything is given to them. If its granted, why they cannot just give old guys the peace?

- Meanwhile -

About 40-50 serious attempts (out of dozens more not that serious), several death with 500+ kills, few of less than 9 minutes optimal start (to get the equipment), hundreds of cops, pirates, hunters...

I know it is coming. It will come. If not by me, then by someone else.

"Viper tactics" require very high level of concentration, and pattern, routine, to be successful. Its there.

They optimized that together, over several decades. Why nobody can optimize this, EP?!

How long it takes to get promoted 'ELITE' in PC Elite Plus?

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These days, If I fly, I always record everything...

'8-Galaxy Tour' could be a new speedrun category. Hmm...

  • Fastest time to travel through all 8 galaxies, Any% freestyle
  • No savegames, one playing session
  • No limitations to starting galaxy or starting equipment (as long as naturally played)
  • Realistic minimum equipment: Fore Mining Laser, ECM-System, Fuel Scoop, Extra Energy Unit, and 40000 Credits for 8 Galactic Hyperdrives)

Right on Commanders!
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