Exploration mode ongoing suggestion.

For players who love to explore the galaxy and hoping that devs will deliver on the QOL exploring, here is a suggestion.

Whether your like myself exploring especially with the new planet textures is a simple matter of camera suite mode, and hovering around the orbit of the planet, great but what of finding planet side content? a topic well known to most, but I feel it's time to not only have the ability to scan planets for content, i.e, wreck sites, poi geysers, fumes (and do away with the old poi system) material areas to look in, cargo hauls, buildings etc much like the new megaship scan technique, however we can have points of reference whilst we are in the camera suite mode, looking down at the planet.

lets think about it, camera suite mode we all enjoy, and whether skimming the planet surface or orbiting it is equally as good, but now we need that extra boost to see what we have scanned, this would go for each and every land-able planet in game.
Some players may or may not argue that it will make things to easy to find but lets face it aside from material which is literally everywhere, it is still amazingly hard to locate ship wreckage, cargo hauls and the like on planets as is, to nothing about travelling further into the deep void is even more rare to find planet content, even yes geysers.

yes I will understand that this subject has been raised more than likely a few times, but we still to need to keep raising the subject to hopefully if you agree? to have this in game to boost exploring and the chances of finding something within a better balance of time frame rather than pot luck and endless hours "weeks worth" of game play.
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