1. C

    Discovery scanner shows 19 bodies but map only 2

    Discovery scanner shows 19 bodies but map only 2. Why do the other planets, or moons not show up? Sceenshots below Thanks a lot for your help.
  2. CMDR Freakster90

    First Discovered/mapped by: *******

    The title. What is this? Accounts that have been banned? Deleted accounts? Players that want privacy? Would it be possible to remove these, assuming the accounts are not more? It might give players a chance to get their names out there sooner than later. I know it's not that far from the bubble...

    Remove grid overlay on planets when not using DSS

    While the grid overlay is super useful and makes sense while you are mapping with the discovery scanner, it makes very little sense afterwards to have the big blue overlay on afterwards. It might be nice in the niche case that you want to map a lot of bodies right next to eachother and don't...

    Call for Explorers - NGC 188 now reachable

    EDIT: after a more careful look at it, it seems this was done through an exploit, so it is NOT possible to reach NGC 188 yet! it is also in very poor exploration spirit to use exploits to get to a place before everyone else.. I was recently shocked at discovering that on EDSM, it seems like...
  5. Luna Valenwood

    Neutron experiments by a space mad explorer

    This post is essentially a culmination of some experiments I have been doing. At first it started out as a question on the fleetcomm squad chat. What happens when you neutron jump at 1%? Somewhere along the way it balooned into many experiments with people asking various things for me to test...
  6. Sheppard22

    Can i get my rebuy back ?

    So i was exploring in open i forgot to go in pvt group or sole my bad ;( I jumped into Omega nebula and 2 players ganked me for nothing so rip all my exploring data and rebuy cost on anaconda) Wish i could send this on support but i dont know how to send it and where because they are having too...

    Improving the FSS: More nuanced signals!

    So, i have already read & made many posts about how the new FSS makes it much slower to get quick and honestly, quite important information, so that an explorer can judge if a system is truly notable and worth visiting. However, while a loud minority HAVE complained, there hasn't been that many...

    Why FSS erased a lot of what made Exploration interesting.

    I do personally think that when designing this new scanner, FD didn't actually know what explorers think makes a system interesting, and what makes Exploration an activity worth doing over and over without getting bored of it. Now, in the FSS, basically all the information it shows you is the...
  9. The-DemonWolf

    Keep Galatic Anomalies Petition!

    Greetings CMDRs! In the recent beta notes FDev have indicated that they will be addressing elements of the Stellar Forge that have resulted in a range of galactic anomalies like planets that collide or very brightly coloured gas giants. There are some very well known and popular examples...
  10. B

    Generation ship Epimetheus

    Check this one out, not even an hour into the new exploration system and I came across the Epimetheus. A new generation ship to add to the list. It is located right outside the bubble in the HR 2351 system, near the furthest bodies of the system which should be around 4400ls away from the entry...
  11. Frillop Freyraum

    ADS: New Idea for the Honk Sound and a Challenge for our amazing Sound Crew

    Imagine the giant Honk sound wouldn't be static anymore, but a composition synthesized by all objects of the current system! What does that mean? Mass e.g. could translate to frequency (higher mass -> deeper sound), density would be represented by various overtone spectra, numbers of objects by...
  12. E

    Frontier add EDDB to the game

    I think is about time that Elite made its own EDDB, I'm really surprised that they haven't add it yet. why they haven't done this at this point is beyond me.
  13. G

    How do you get 'Current System Value' displayed on your screen?

    I've been watching Fireytoad on twitch and he has a load of stats on his screen, just wondering how you get them as I am doing a lot of exploring and would find this useful.

    The Gnosis-Tour

    Hello, i am KOLUMBUS, a german Explorer, and i want to submit to the Gnosis, if se jump in to the CONE SECTOR FN-J B9-0. I have a Thread in the german Forum too, pleas feel free to visit it. The Link: https://elitedangerous.de/forum/index.php?thread/18794-die-akte-gnosis/
  15. DeadMeatGF

    Is it time to reward exploring rather than following?

    tl;dr: There's not much point going exploring when you can just open someone else's list of systems, fly around them, and be an Elite billionaire in a couple of days. How about we make the real rewards go to explorers who actually find new stuff? OK, so I stuck that at the top to save time for...

    Allow SRV to scoop materials without targeting

    Now that material space is largely a non-issue, there's no longer any need to pick and choose in between which materials you want to take. Right now, having to target each individual chunk of ore is just an annoying and unnecessary extra step. A small, but appreciated quality-of-life change...
  17. Kelanen Alcatraz

    The Road To GCRV 6897, The previously unreachable Owl Nebula.

    THE OWL NEBULA The Road to GCRV 6897 Prepared by Commander Kelanen Alcatraz RO4zXQe Introduction Greetings, Commanders! This is a theoretical route in order to reach the previously unreachable GCRV 6897 (Owl Nebula) by utilising the new Guardian Frame Shift Drive Booster. I am Commander...

    Requesting assistance finding volcanoes on a moon

    Hi commanders, I've found a very beautiful and rare sight in the EORLD GRIE nebula; a volcanic moon orbiting very closely to a massive molten planet. With iron magma present, this would be an excellent point of interest to visit, however i've had no luck in discovering volcanoes yet...
  19. Daish

    Exploration mode ongoing suggestion.

    For players who love to explore the galaxy and hoping that devs will deliver on the QOL exploring, here is a suggestion. Whether your like myself exploring especially with the new planet textures is a simple matter of camera suite mode, and hovering around the orbit of the planet, great but...

    Suggestion: Filter for star size classification

    As an explorer that loves the look of more exotic, rare star types, the process of searching for giant stars is quite tiring. The map filters do not discriminate between dwarf stars and hypergiants at all. Giant stars can only be found either through random chance, or combing through entire...
  21. M

    different bookmark colours

    i think it would be useful if we could have different coloured bookmarks that will have different meanings for us, so you can have the standard blue but have say green for exploring waypoints, red for places you've been just something like that (just the colours not really the reason for them)...
  22. W

    Two questions about exploring (new to exploring)

    My first question relates to this chart: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/attachment.php?attachmentid=117129&d=1490523708 In the chart above, what is the difference between "honk (red)" and "ads (yellow)". I thought honking was using the advanced discovery scanner than jumping away, what's the...
  23. Puerility

    Concluding a journey.

    Wow this trip has been exhausting. Props to those intrepid explorers who have been out in the black for forever. My mind has been getting numb every time I log in. I'm so ready to see a space station. I don't care if it's run down, new and shiny, or just a platform, heck, I'll even take a planet...
  24. H

    My first geyser :-)

    I am happy i found this :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0B3pvnCjQvg
  25. DerSteve

    My first time going exploring!

    First time posting here about my first time going exploring! I owned the game since release but never came more than 150ly away from my starting point. I mostly did bounty hunting and some trading but now I wanted to see a bit more of the galaxy! So I stored my Python and bought me a nice...
  26. kenwshmt

    Older gamer adaptations / not as fast as we used to be.

    Recapturing your youth? How is that going? I was excited to install the beta, I have voice attack, an old game pad (being replaced), track IR5, power grid, and an old springy dell keyboard. My relearning the keyboard / game-pad buttons is going along fairly well, but I have little doubt that...
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