Farthest Distance from Sol Record Attempt

Checking the numbers ...
The base distance from Semotus to Sol is 65,647.34
If you add 58.3Ly to that it should be 65,705.64

The current record holder Deluvian posted screenshots with Semotus targeted and Sol targeted. 58.3Ly and 65,705Ly
His numbers add up so his vector must have been precise.

Logically, if you are on a perfect straight-line course, you couldn't have added more than 20.2Ly to your distance from Sol.
So you couldn't be more than 65,667.54Ly from Sol at the time of that screenshot.
LOL I have Alpha CAELI select, NOT Alpha Centauri... D'OH!


I am 21.7LY from Semotus, 65666 from Alpha C and 65669 from Sol. 37 more LY gets me 65706 to beat the record.
Who will tell him the record is not valid as no screeny with sol targetted can be provided?! :D

But keep going, for another week ... doing nothing! :D

Serious, I like you crazy folks! :)
I have passed the half-way point and have ~60% fuel remaining. It has been a long, boring warp into the empty nothingness of the soulless depths of the universe... much like a career in politics. :rolleyes:

Here is an update for all y'all:

I am 30.2LY from Semotus, 65,674 from Alpha Centauri and 65,677 from Sol.
Only 28.1 more LY to go, but looks like I can do 30+ easy.

I will have a video update posted soon™.
I'm 20.0LY (or less) from tying the record from SOL but 20.9 away from the last record's distance from Semotus...
I appear to be on a slightly better angle. [yesnod]

Pardon the 2k images, I decreased from 4k to save my GPU 30% of proc'in until the final run.
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Lest we forget, ...
According to my math, you've been traveling now for ~11.8 days. Not counting those annoying internet disconnects.
You should be very close to passing the record now.
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So Close ...

My math says, 65,647.34Ly from Sol plus 57.3Ly is 65704.64Ly (best case*)
or in Round number, 65,647 + 57 is 65,704.
Just one light year short of the current record, 65,705Ly, set my CMDR Deluvian.

*Note: Since I'm not directly in line between him and Sol, that could be adding distance.

I believe CMDR Keef Drow is planning a live stream tonight when he crosses over the record.
As I understand it, he's got a couple more days of fuel left.
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So Close ...
My math says, 65,647.34Ly from Sol plus 57.3Ly is 65704.64Ly (best case*)
or in Round number, 65,647 + 57 is 65,704.[/URL].
Close bud! I think 65647.34+57.3 = 65704.64 which I bet the game is rounding up to 65705 from 65647.34+, 65702 from Alpha Centauri.

As CMDR Deluvian set this record at 58.3 LY from Semotus Beacon, my angle is indeed 1LY better.

Here is an update!

I used about 30 seconds of CMDR Klutz' footage (with his permission). Thanks man!
This has got me thinking ... has anyone supercruised into a permit-only system from a neighbouring system?
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