Fixing Community Goals - Recognize Logistical Support

Community Goals have a problem. Namely, the often encourage NOT participating in Open or Groups, but instead, resorting to Solo play. And while its fine to play Solo if you choose to, NEEDING to play Solo, in order to fulfill "Community" a problem.

To fix this, we first need to understand where the CG breaks down. And that, is twofold. Firstly, any CG requiring the collection of items from spawn points results in players racing one another to the spawns, with only those who pick stuff up receiving credit for the CG. This encourages Solo play.

Second, players offering logistical support within a system where a CG takes place, receive no recognition for participation in the CG. This week, pilots could hunt pirates, fight in the Combat Zones, offer combat escort for rescue pod scooping, provide repair and fuel rat services and even run missions for the CZ giver...and none of those players, would receive recognition for participation in the CG, despite everything they are doing supporting the system and faction offering the Goal.

Fixing the CG System:

Obviously, limited spawns and item collection for a CG are a limiting factor. Therefore, CG's dependent on our collecting salvage and/or items, should count ANY salvage we net from that system during the CG. And Salvage USS should spawn far more frequently in that system during the CG. This means more salvage for everyone, and thus, no more racing to specific spawns, enabling group and open play.

Moreover, players offering logistical support in the system should receive credit as contributors. Fuel and Repair rats; combat escorts; haulers delivering to and from the CG station; pirate hunters and CZ fighters. Salvagers and miners. All of these people are providing logistical support for the system and station offering the CG...but receive no credit toward the CG.

In short, we need more than one way to contribute to EVERY CG. This encourages open and group play, and supports the "Play Your Way" mantra that turned a lot of people on to Elite in the beginning.
Oh, something like if you are part of a Wing and someone hands in the CG item, everyone in the Wing gets a split?

Rinse and repeat for every mechanism in the game - hey presto, a multi-player game.
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