FPS Combat in Elite will be like this

I can hardly wait to get my G5 Resistive with Fast charge Remlock and twin G5 Super Pen Short Range Handguns...
Actually, with around the same enthusiasm as I have knowing the Grim Reaper calling on me is no longer as far away as it was 60 years ago... 😹
I actually want walking on planets to look like the roller coaster tycoon games, just for fun. on the ships, 1st person view to make it simple.
Hope not, if humans can absorb that much ammo then it would probably take one hour of constant shooting to down one Thargoid.
Once we'll get G5 deep folded elephant butt leather vest and G5 fast charge unicorn rainbow personal shield with assorted boosters I can see that becoming the norm XD

And please, please FDev, add a salt amo experimental mod for shotguns. Otherwise combat will prove very stale...

On the plus side, maybe we'll get some fun out of those leatherly eggs ^^
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I hope any fun of ‘legs isnt based on ‘doing up’ yer lil suit like the ‘game’ is currently based on doing yer ship up rather than using it
I don't understand why most games always need to throw countless hordes of enemies at you.
Because as long as some equate "more = better", the mentality will be "more = challenging", too.

It simply saves them the work of being creative enough to come up with something actually challenging- and instead can relegate everything to mindless generic number spamming instead.

Then, we also have the "bigger = better" thing where someone thinks sheer size is intimidating... but when it takes a bullet it just goes down with more thunk.

I don't understand why most games always need to throw countless hordes of enemies at you.
It's the easiest way to make a game "more challenging". For the same reason the most use method to make games harder are absurd high "health pools" and multiple shields for boss fights - or special "boss fight mechanics" with predefined sequences of random actions that need to be done at the right time.

Creating NPCs that are difficult because of the way they act and move is apparently too difficult for most (if not all) developers. That's why many players prefer PvP for a real challenge.
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