Frequency Array Diagram

Frequency Array Diagram | Updated v1.2 (Elite 3.3 live build)

Soooo, I mocked up this diagram to make it a bit easier to eyeball on the FSS bar.

EDIT: added patterns. For some reason some body types have 2 (at least I encountered two) but I can't seem to find a correlation. Atmosphere, volcanism, terraforming candidate, no parameter seems to work. ...

UPDATE 25/12/2018 Updated for live build \o/
• added Helium-rich GG
• overhauled and filled the Signal Sources part

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I was expecting something like this soonish after the beta is out and less surprisingly, Qohen delivers. :)

Nicely done Cmdr!
Thanks! And to make things even easier, the game also tells you which area you're tuned to. The FSS makes finding specific body types considerably easier, you no longer need to be able to recognize planet types from the system map, target icons and sounds.
There goes the "it'll take more skill" argument.
The pattern thing seems much more complex. Some body types, I have 2 patterns for them. Also, the "Metal Rich Bodies" frequency range also contains HMCs.

So do moons just not show up?
They do, they're just in the frequency distribution based on their type, like any other body. The frequency graph doesn't give you any information about orbital hierarchy, only the types of bodies present.
Fantastic job, CMDR - as usual. Thanks!

And... Coincidence, or did FD actually show a sense of humour and use an H-like pattern to depict a Helium-rich Gas Giant? :D
Maybe! :D That reinforces my conviction that the patterns are arbitrary and don't actually indicate anything related to the astronomical parameters.
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