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Is there somewhere, anywhere that offers dino stats/comfort requirements that has been updated with all DLC dinos along with core ones? Every place i have found one is either inaccurate, out of date, or ignores DLC dinos, or all of the above. I would like to know for what i call 'herd paddocks' and for herb/carno coexist paddocks. I'd also like to know if some of the DLC dinos i haven't purchased yet would work better in certain situations, making them a purchase I'm willing to make
There is this highly detailed JWE wiki you might find helpful. Each dinosaur in the site has information on skins, population, social, size, thresholds and anything you might find useful.
What PC directory do screenshots from Capture Mode save to?

I play on PC using a controller, and it says to press A to Capture - the screen flickers and it makes a sound effect, but I cannot find the screenshots anywhere - Documents, Pictures, My Games, anywhere in the game subfolders...
If you're using Steam, they're located in Steam/Userdata. You can get to them through the Steam App by scrolling down the Library page for the game, they should be on the right side, below the DLC.
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