how will space legs handle deaths

Base building, new ships, whatever else they include in the paid update. We aren't waiting until 2020 for just one feature come on.
I expect the expansion will mainly feature first person perspective play. I certainly hope it's not a load of disjointed features.

The problem is that while spaceship combat is something I am comfortable with FPS combat is something that crosses the line for me. I don't ask anyone to agree with me, but I do worry about this and I want Frontier to know that you sold me one kind of game and now if the rumours are true you are taking the game to a place that some CMDR's may not be comfortable.
First person perspective play has been on the cards since the Kickstarter days.

Frontier: If the rumours are true and you are going to add FPS combat to the game make it opt-in and please tread carefully. Not everyone wants to go there.
I want more exploration and adventure. Sure there maybe combat involved at times, but as long as it's rare that's good for me. I also do not want a generic shooter added to the game.
Okay here I am going to lay out my concern, then I'd better close my browser and get some work done.

The leaks mentioned FPS combat (Starship Trooper style?)

Not getting the expansion means not getting all the other stuff that we are waiting so long for.

So, my concern is that I will want to get the expansion, but that leaving your ship will include the risk of pointless and stupid FPS combat in the stations or what-not and that this will be random and mandatory. So then the game becomes an FPS game alongside a spaceship game whether you want it or not. If this scenario does unfold I will be done with Elite at that point.

I hope I am wrong, but I want Frontier to hear my concern in case I am not. If space legs has an optional opt-in combat system that can be ignored then fine. Because space legs WOULD be totally awesome! Walking around the ship and the bases and visiting vendors, and exploring the cities, etc. That would add a lot to the game. Just don't make me carry a space pistol or whatever.
Your concerns are very confusing to me.
You know that violence is a second nature for us humans, intrinsic to our beings. You can blame evolution for that.

When you blow up pirate ships you are sending then to a brief fiery-then-extreme descompressive death, you can even read their death cries on the chat.

And lets not even speak of some of the most darker galnet articles or delerict generation ships stories.

While i agree that some people are more averse to violence for a myriad of reasons, weapons and combat is a must to set the tone of the darker sci-fi future Frontier wants to make.
So the post dont get to derailed the Question is how much is it going to cost me to die in game if its the same as my rebuy then that is to much so far everytime someone kilss me it cost about 20,000,000 creds. now if I get sniped 2 or three times a night Im gonna rage quit or go bust.
So the post dont get to derailed the Question is how much is it going to cost me to die in game if its the same as my rebuy then that is to much so far everytime someone kilss me it cost about 20,000,000 creds. now if I get sniped 2 or three times a night Im gonna rage quit or go bust.
Depending on how good you stocked your sickbay, either one unit of basic medicines or one unit of advanced medicines with maybe one unit of progenitor cells to regenerate lost limbs.
Stop calling it death. It's not dead until it's ironman-mode/clear save dead.

I reckon you’ll get the option of paying the cost and getting an exact copy of your body back, or...’s the freebie Sidewinder option!
Crash test dummies are pretty expensive.
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Take revenge by blasting the foes that are on foot from the comfort of your heavily armed ship. A dumbfire missile or two should do the trick, they have huge AoE splash damage zones.
Yeah, well the leaks have been very accurate so far and when I hear FPS and Starship Troopers it makes me think Elite is going to just turn into Call of Duty in space which would totally and utterly ruin the game for me.

If they must add that kind of content to the game I dearly hope it is opt-in like the AX combat. Because I want no part of it. I want Frontier to hear my point of view even though I may be in the minority here.
You make it sound like they are going to take away your ships and you'll only be able to walk around and shoot things. How is driving your SRV around shooting other players in SRVs any different than walking around shooting other players or Thargoids? Are you upset that there are SRVs in the game? They're basically FPS mode on wheels.
It is hard to avoid spaceship combat, but I am totally fine with spaceship combat. NPC's that interdict my glorious Imperial Cutter hoping for easy pickings always regret their hasty decision ;-) I knew that that was part of the game when I bought it and its a fun part of the game. FPS crosses a line for me though and I just don't want to go there.
David Braben early on said this is not a game where you are a ship. This is a game where you are a pilot flying a ship and that some day the plan is to allow you to leave your seat. That was/is part of the vision of the game he sold and has been since before the game launched. This isn't some wild left turn they're making. I hope they continue on this path. If we lose people, well, that's the way it goes. I can see you being replaced by many others who will now find this game much more interesting than it was.
If first person shooting is a large part of the 2020 update that will be the end of the road for me. The last thing I want is to turn Elite into another stupid gore-fest of an FPS game. There are many others to choose from if that is what I wanted. I am actually extremely worried that this is going to be a large part of the focus of the 2020 update and that this will end my time with Elite Dangerous because I don't like ultra-violent games.
But everybody likes DOOM
Currently, when a ship has 0% hull, it blows up instantly.
But what if the ship is just Hulled: - the hull integrity can no longer contain the ships air pressure.

Until repaired this ship has neither

  • No life support and
  • no power
If left alone the defending player can whip out their tool-kit, patch up their hull and get main-power back online, and limp back to the nearest star-port.

The Glory of instancing
Don't forget the very idea that each ship and their "internal layout", must exist in the same "instance" as the other players.
Think of it as if it's a networked game and your computer is "Hosting" a Gaming-Map (of your internal ship layout) that can be joined and played on by other players.
This gives two cases in the result of the current "death" mechanics.

Option 1) The Player and their Ship is removed from the Instance.
So current instancing dictates, that pvp pirates could board your ship, you could "quit" the game, (or your connection drops out).
effectively you stop hosting the instance and your ship (the game level ) magically "disappears" from underneath their feet.
This would now force the attacking players to respawn back in their cockpits.
Now make sense if we telepresence into boarding-robots, but not if physical players are on another players ship.

Option 2) The Player's ship PERSISTS in the instance.
So imagine, instead, that your ship and you the player can exist in different instances. It's peer to peer, you are "sharing" the instances between you.
Meaning if you "stop hosting", the shared instance (your ship) continues to exist in that instance until the other players leave the instance your ship is being the host for.

This means Gankers can Hull a ship and then mass-board the powerless commander's vessel.
And if you the player decided to rage-quit or combat log, your ship would remain in the other player's instance so they can have their way with your unprotected ship.

Now, this on the outset seems anti-gaming.
But it actually works in favour of some much needed "fixes" to the game.

Combat loggers effectively get to the escape pod and their ship and goods are forfeit and property of the other players.
Combat logging becomes self-harming and rewards the attackers.

(But what about gankers)
Conversely, Gankers now have no power over the player.
They can damage the ship until it stops moving, but they can't destroy the ship, nor kill the player or the destroy cargo.
They have to come onboard to finish the job. But this is a very risky proposition and may backfire
I-War: Defiance style, (when the protagonist's rebel ship got damaged and then the authorities docked with them to capture the pirate scum, so the protagonists, detach their command-module after they got boarded, and then boarded the authorities own vessel since they were not there defending it. (Boarding the borders).
Similarly poping on your EVA suit and leaving the ship via an air-lock, pretending that you died or you had combat logged (an episode of serenity).

Boarding - The Second chance of combat.
For pirating players this is ideal, they can attack and hull the other vessel and then extract the cargo by limpets or boarding.
Do the pirates Kill or spare the crew? oh the role-playering-choices.
The beauty here is - after a pirate attack, the defending player can just patch up their ship and limp back to the nearest star-port after a pvp-pirate attack.
But for gankers who wish to humiliate the players with their mighty ships.
Don't get to ruin the players night, as the defending players can just patch up their ship and limp back to the nearest star-port.

To finish the job, gankers would have to get onboard and kill the player.
Killing another player "outright" might become really laborious and time-consuming, and it's not easy either.

Consider what if the defending player kills the boarding players?
What happens then? will they respawn back at base, without their ships? A police holding cell?
Like combat logging, their pilot free vessels would be floating undefended in an instance somewhere to be salvaged.
Will they respawn back on their ships and in Solo with a cool down period before they are allowed in open.

Would a group of gankers toy with a player and attack their ship, but then the risk all trying to board and kill off said player. There is a risk that the very decision to do so, might ruin "their" night.
because if they came on board, the player could wind up killing "them" by being a pro-gamer or better equipped to repel the borders.
Or what if the defending player hits the self destruct button taking out ALL the attacking players onboard.
A whole wing of Gankers just got their night ruined by a single player they thought they could toy with.
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