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So do you confirm this is not a phishing attempt?
I’m not doing this for this 3 reasons:

1 - No https in the link Seem to be very suspicious...

2 - Email address of last fdev newsletter:
email address from this newsletter:

3 - newsletter link of old emails from fdev:
link on this newsletter:

Anyone else had same suspects about this 3 points?

I agree, it is looking so mutch like a phishing attempt !
I will look for official confirm message twice before any click.

If we log into our store account and the "Subscribe to Elite Dangerous newsletter" box is already ticked, do we have to re-subscribe via this form?

Does subscribing through our store account make us eligible for the decal/skin?
Don't you get a free Corvette as well if you travel all the way to Hutton in silent running an not use a heat sink :D
There is still the issue of getting large ships out of the slot at Hutton, and no they haven't resolved the problem of transferring large pad ships from there.
There is still the issue of getting large ships out of the slot at Hutton, and no they haven't resolved the problem of transferring large pad ships from there.
I never had any hassles getting my free Anaconda. I didn't try getting the Corvette because it seems quite an task to get it, and I didn't have sufficient rank when I heard about it. Remember folks you need to be at least a rear admiral before you can get your Corvette. It would be terrible for you to go all that way to Hutton and be refused your free ship on a technicality.
Even if Brexit would exempt the U.K. from the law it comes into force shortly at current rate of bickering Brexit is unlikely to happen this decade.
It doesn't matter. Even if you're a US company and you hold data about a European citizen, the regulations apply. There's no avoiding it.
Hello everyone,

I can confirm that this is not a phishing attempt and it really is me, Will, posting this. As Shanaeri mentioned, this is ‘to do with GDPR which is a new European directive that dictates and determines how personal data is stored and processed.

This is not a breach and is something that is required of us by new European law. We have been assured that your information is absolutely secure. As an extra layer of security, we are currently working with our email service provider to add the SSL to the domain.

It’s likely you’ll receive an email from us asking to register your email with us (similar to the content already posted in the OP). Our original intention in posting this thread was to confirm that any email you receive about this (from Frontier) is from Frontier!

I would recommend signing up with whichever email you use. The decal and Paint Job codes will be emailed out at a later date.

This offer is for all players on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

And just to confirm it really is me...

I see, codes. Jolly good.
So if I decide to not sign up using that page, will that automatically unsubscribe me at some point in the future?
Relevant question here

However I have difficulty to imagine that hundreds of thousands (or 1-3 million ?) of commanders will answer to Frontier to confirm their email address

And Will Flanagan say :

"You might have received a new email from us recently explaining that we'll need you to re-register your email with us if you want to continue to receive emails from Frontier Developments."
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