In-Development Information Display for Logitech Flight Instrument Panel

This application displays data from Elite Dangerous on Logitech(Saitek) Flight Instrument Panels or in a window for VR.

You don't need a Flight Instrument Panel, if you only want to use this for VR.



Use the right rotary encoder to scroll vertically on all tabs.
Use the left rotary encoder or the S5/S6 buttons to show another card on various tabs or zoom into the galaxy map.
Use S1 to display the menu.

You can also control ONE Flight Instrument Panel with a HOTAS 4-way switch with pushbutton.
The joystick is configured via joysticksettings.config

There is a Toggle Window menu option in the tray icon context menu. This option mirrors the FIP display, that is being controlled by the HOTAS hat switch, to a window for use in VR.

If FipSerialNumber in joysticksettings.config has the special value "window", then a separate window is created that is NOT a mirror of a FIP display. This window can then also be resized.

So this window will also work WITHOUT any connected FIP display.

You can then use a tool like OVR Toolkit to display this window in VR.

The 'Engineer' tab is integrated with the material shopping list of the EDengineer application.

The local api must be active in EDEngineer and listening on port 44405

This is optional, you don't have to have EDEngineer running.

Any data from HWInfo can (optionally) be displayed. This also works when Elite Dangerous is not running.

The application and source code are here


Thanks to :
DaftMav for POI list see here and for station and system data for pricing data for the galaxy image CMDR Qohen Leth and CMDR Nuse for the ship images
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released 1.0.1

  • displays more data
  • improved layout
  • added scroll bar (use rotary encoder on the right)

screenshots in the first post are updated....

The menu area and each screen can be configured via razor (.cshtml) web page templates.
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released 1.0.2

  • added target menu option and data
  • added more data like cargo amount and capacity and reputation data
screenshots in the first post are updated....
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release 1.0.5

This adds information about POIs, in the current system, that are read automatically from a public google docs spreadsheet, that is found here
Thanks go to DaftMav for maintaining the POI list (for use with EDISON)
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release 1.07

Now shows the nearest 5 POIs (not necessarily in the current system)

fixes problem where pages could have the wrong height and scrolling would not work correctly
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release 1.0.8

Extends POI tab, to also show the nearest 5 :
  • Interstellar Factors
  • Raw Material Traders
  • Manufactured Material Traders
  • Encoded Data Traders
  • Human Technology Brokers
  • Guardian Technology Brokers
(use the left rotary encoder, to change card on the POI tab)

The required station and system data is read from and

screenshots in the first post are updated....
release 1.1.0

Shows your current position on a map

Better handling of multiple FIP panels.

Gets the serial number of each FIP panel and remembers the current page for each panel. (navigate between pages via up and down arrow buttons)

screenshots in the first post are updated....


Thanks to for the galaxy map image
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This sounds like a cool way to use these panels. I’m not sure how many people are aware of these FIPs but they can be found here:

Individually, they aren’t terribly expensive, although for a full sim airplane cockpit they would add up. One or two for ED isn’t too expensive, even with the Elgato stream deck.

I’ve got some of the MFD panels and the Status Display software Robert Maynard developed. It’s really flexible but I’d like to see how the two can be used together.
Hello, how do I start this application? (The menu area and each screen can be configured via razor (.cshtml) web page templates.) Is it a web server? I tried to compile fip-elite in Visual Studio. Unfortunately without success. Maybe you have short instructions for me? Sorry my english is bad i use google translator
version 1.1.4

major refactor (changed from eliteapi to elitejournalreader)
fixed scrolling bug and improve scrolling performance
added splash screen with loading progress messages
version 1.1.5

Show all stored ships (with picture), their location and their distance from your current location.
(use left rotary encoder on SHIP tab, to go to next card)
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