In-Development Information Display for Logitech Flight Instrument Panel

version 1.2.6

show LTD and painite selling stations and prices on MINING tab.

thanks to inara

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version 1.2.7

Major refactor of the menu system.
The menu is now hidden, so all screens are now wider.
Use S1 button to display the menu.
The menu is now hierarchical, so up/down arrow buttons are no longer used to change page.
The galaxy map image is darkened, to reduce banding on the LCD display.
I saw your suggestion about the StreamDesk, I was very impressed. I have now got a StreamDesk XL and have spent a few hours configuring it. I don't know how I managed to run ED before.

And now I have received my FIDs and just got them to work.

I am beyond impressed with your work. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

CMDR Wommit
version 1.2.9

Added 'Toggle Window' menu option in the tray icon context menu.
This option mirrors the FIP display, that is being controlled by the HOTAS hat switch, to a window for use in VR,
in combination with the OVR Toolkit application on steam:

-You can set it up so that the window only appears when you look at it (in this case: look down)
-You can resize the window.
-You can control OVR toolkit with a keyboard instead of VR controllers.
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version 1.3.0

If FipSerialNumber in joysticksettings.config has the special value "window", then a separate window is created that is NOT a mirror of a FIP display.

So this window will also work WITHOUT any connected FIP display.

You can then use a tool like OVR Toolkit to display this window in VR.

Also added the 'mirror' command line option, to always force the display of the window.

And now use path of executable, to find all configuration files, instead of path of current directory.
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version 1.3.1

Allow resize of VR window :
WindowWidth/WindowHeight in joysticksettings.config can only be adjusted if the window is NOT a mirror of a FIP display. Otherwise these values are ignored.

Improve joystick handling and debouncing

Fix problem with FIP LEDs

General refactor

Example of 400x550 VR window (default is 320x240) :

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version 1.3.2

Added Engineer tab that gets material/blueprint shopping list from EDengineer
(using the local api function in EDengineer listening on port 44405 )

Added maximum capacity on material tab

Resize galaxy map according to window size

Added zebra stripes to materials screen

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version 1.3.3

Added 'missing materials information' card to Engineer tab
This shows more information about where to get these missing materials.(thanks to EDengineer)
This includes a list of the top 5 best systems, to get this material. (retrieved from your own journal history)

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finaly I found your tool to use the saitek FIPs.
Great...... thank you very much!
It's amazing.
Unfortunately it's mostly unknown.
I will leave a hint in the german sub forum.
There are many guys who are looking for a way to build a home cockpit.

Just a quick question.
As far as I understood you are using the "FipSerialNumber" to identify the connected FIPs.
Am I right?
If yes it schould be possible to include additional Saitek/logitech devices like the Mulit Panel.
At the moment I'm using to send simple commands to Elite via Saitek Multi Panel but there are so more options possible I guess.
Am I allow to take your code for testing?

FipSerialNumber is only important if you want to mirror a FIP in VR, ONLY IF you have more than one FIP.
Otherwise you don't need it.
Only the Saitek/Logitech FIP is supported (or VR without any FIP hardware),
No support is planned for any other hardware device.

This software is 'read only'. See the elgato streamdeck project, to send information (i.e. button presses) to elite :

The source code is published with MIT license
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OK, prob.
I will try to connect the Saitek Mulit Panle to VoiceAttack via
There's a plugin for VoiceAttack.
It schould be possible to move variables between Saitek Mulit Panle and VoiceAttack.
version 1.3.6

show best 20 tritium sell / buy prices locations

get tritium/ltd/painite prices from inara instead of eddb

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version 1.3.7

added detailed route information and star class to navigation tab

Note that this has only become possible, since the fleetcarrier update of Elite
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Do you have upgrade instructions for the latest release of your FIP code?

I am using v1.2.8 and wish to upgrade to the latest version (currently 1.3.7)


CMDR Wommit
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