In-Development Information Display for Logitech Flight Instrument Panel

This is an amazing and downright inspirational piece of work, thank you for sharing. I’m presently designing my ‘ultimate’ simpit for Elite, and you’ve given me some really interesting options to consider. Back to the drawing board. Stream Deck may be the successor to the dual MFDs I currently use, and the flight information displays look terrific, and will make a worthy addition.
Up and running, thanks again for sharing. It is a worthy addition to the simpit. I’ll certainly be interested in any other FIP applications you may dream up. Perhaps something that tracks the market in LTD Or other hot resources. Maybe nearby known locations for the same? I gravitate towards mining, so naturally my thinking heads in that direction....
version 1.1.7

Added more data to current ship and stored ships cards.
Also show various installed modules on current ship and stored ships cards

Fixed wrong cargo capacity

If TARGET/MISSION buttons are disabled, don't hide anymore, show in dark grey
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version 1.1.8

added more modules to ships/stored ships (like refinery, fuel scoop, passenger cabins, vehicle bays etc.)
added various weapons and mining laser to ships/stored ships (not yet complete)
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version 1.1.9

added more modules and weapons to SHIPS and STORED SHIPS cards
added powerplay power and state to NAV and POI tabs
added POWER tab that shows 5 nearest stations controlled by each power
automatically refresh data from EDDB and EDSM every 24 hours in the background at startup

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version 1.2.2

fixed bug in 1.2.0 for crash on ship tab

from v.1.2.0
json data is now stored in a separate Data directory
tray icon changes when background task is busy
better calculation of jump range on current ship card (thanks to EDDI)
materials list (raw + manufactured + encoded)

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version 1.2.3

added Cargo, including any mission related information
added missing kill warrant scanner to module list

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