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Hello there, fellow "Jurassic World Evolution" fans!

This is my first post on this forum and I hope you like the pictures I start sharing. I love this game so much and taking pictures of the various things that happen on the islands.

Thank you so much, Frontier, for making such an incredible game!
How long does it generally take to be able to just link our own photos here? Getting a bit tired of hosting my pictures on imgur where they get downvoted by complete strangers.
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* dons Richard Attenborough voice *

Isla Sorna. The park is home to two of the most dangerous predators on the planet. Despite their incredible positive relationship with their keepers, the pair of Indoraptors must always be keep stimulated. If they get too bored, they will try to break out, and as such, security must always remain vigilant around them, ready to subdue them at a moment's notice if necessary.


The dominant female ascends the rocky hill in her exhibit and looks out beyond the wall. From this vantage point, she often watches the passing guests and staff.


Her keepers have noted that she and her mate have observed and remembered shift changes for the staff, and timed most of their breakout attempts during shift changes. As a result, for additional security purposes, the time when park staff change shifts is changed on a weekly basis.


Their keepers believe the Indoraptor pair have caught on to these changes, as the pair started to observe the staff from within their exhibit less and less, and have instead patrolled along the back and sides of their exhibit more frequently.

However, when the pair are not busy keeping park security on the edge, they are frequently observed sunbathing, eating, sleeping, and even swimming together.

The male (above) is shown using a unique combination of body language and emitting a low humming sound when greeting his mate (offscreen).

Occasionally, like the Indominus Rex sisters in the neighboring exhibit, they will playfully spar with one another.

Though the male usually, and wisely, backs down.


To keep the pair occupied even more so, they are occasionally given the opportunity to hunt other dinosaurs.

The male (pictured below) and female (offscreen) have caught the scent of an Edmontosaurus.


The female spots her prey, and mounts an ambush from the hill above.



Leaping onto the back of her prey, she uses her forward momentum to bring the larger hadrosaur down. Before the Edmontosaurus has time to react, she swiftly bites down on the neck, and completes the hunt.

Paused the game just at the right moment, my park's Indominus gives the guests quite a show right in front of the viewing gallery :p
Jurassic World Evolution_20190710121731.jpg
Jurassic World Evolution_20190710121340.jpg

And also one of my two Indoraptors does what the guests want to see - eating! :D No live bait, but at least some large chunks of fresh meat. Pretty sure he enjoys it.
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