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Crocodile Tooth River. Deep within the jungles of Isla Nublar, the unique shape and geography of the river is said to greatly resemble a crocodilian's jaw when viewed from above, and is so named because of it. Home to a wide variety of species, it is one of the few places home to a non-migratory pack of Spinoraptors, in addition to a wide variety of dinosaurs.

Dawn. In the early hours, the dominant female leads her pack to one of their favorite fishing spots. Behind them are the jagged rocks which lend to the river it's name, which creates a spectacular waterfall, and flooding the large pond below when heavy rainfall moves through the region.

Their uniquely adapted coloration is excellent camouflage when hunting in the low light conditions of early morning and dusk, when they are most active. And there are few animals safe from such a large pack.


In a remarkable display of intelligence, the older members of the pack begin to fan out, forcing the fish in the pond further towards the shore and preventing their escape, while the greater concentration of their numbers grants the raptors a greater chance of landing a catch.


Meanwhile, in the river above, the adolescent Spinoraptors take advantage of recently deployed fish trap. Designed for temporary use, scientists and rangers use these traps to attract the raptors, and help in collecting data on the population and overall health of the the island's piscivorous dinosaurs.


One of the adolescents risks a morning drink away from the rest of her pack.


The river is a dangerous place to be wandering alone, and though a lone Spinoraptor is capable of bringing down a larger dinosaur...


...they wisely steer clear of the river's true rulers, a mated pair of Spinosaurus that frequently patrols many of the same fishing areas as the Spinoraptors.

And without the protection of the pack, an adolescent Spinoraptor would make for an easy meal for the giant predator.


Though, fortunately for the adolescent female, the Spinosaurus pair moved off and further up the river, while the rest of the pack began rejoining her.

This is stunning! Nice use of the terrain tools. :)
Thanks! I love making enclosures and I hope more scenery and terrain options come in the future so I can really put them to the test ^^
I have some other enclosures that I really went to town with. I'll probably share them once I have some nice shots of them :)
I'm back with more of my obsessively detailed enclosures~
This time on Tacano...
Rather than filling the lower valley with multiple facilities and enclosures (like I did in my first playthrough), I made the majority of the valley into one large ecosystem with a small resort area that overlooks it all.


An aerial view from the enclosures highland area


Nothing really going on here. I'm just really happy with how this little slope area turned out 😊


I really tried to my best to make the resort look like it was on a ridge but, I think it turned out alright even with the lack of more interesting ground types (cough shale cough )



A cozy area in the highlands that I made for the long necks at the start of the Gyrosphere trail.

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