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* dons Richard Attenborough voice *

Nasuto Island. In the early morning hours, the still waters of this newly uncovered region deep within the heart of the Nublar forest portrays an image of tranquility, devoid of Nublar's native dinosaur wildlife. But despite the region's remoteness, there are a handful of migratory species that do populate the region throughout the year.


Connected by a series of land bridges surrounded by a large freshwater lake, the Island provides the ideal nesting grounds for a number of Nublar's herbivores, for it's remoteness restricts access to many of the larger species. And, with so few sufficient prey around, it is the only region of Nublar completely devoid of any of the larger apex predators.

However, it is not completely devoid of predators, as the lake is home to several piscovorous Suchomimus...

And a pack of Herrarasaurus...

And while neither species poses much threat to the larger herbivores in the region, the smaller herbivores like these Pachycephalosaurus...


Must remain vigilant.

Those with offspring to protect, like this Stegosaurus and her small herd (offscreen)...

as well as this Ouranosaurus...
* continued*

And her herd must always be on their guard.


Even the eggs of the regions largest migratory denizens, these Olorotitan, are not completely safe.


But, for the Island's namesake residents, there is little to fear.

For there are few predators daring enough to challenge the horns of a lone Nasutoceratops protecting her offspring.


But for a large herd at full strength...





...fifteen pairs of horns could keep even a T-rex at bay.
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