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Keeping a Spinosaurus healthy is a dangerous job. Fortunately, these holding areas allow Jurassic World vets and keepers to safely observe and administer vaccines or take blood to help keep track of our dinosaurs' health!

This Spinosaurus is impatiently waiting for the vet's arrival. His mate decided to take a nap while they wait.

All finished!


A healthy Spino is a happy Spino! Though a visit from the vet means getting a free fish, not a lollypop!


Rain or shine, our vets are on call and dedicated 24/7 to keep our animals across all of our parks healthy and happy!

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Cheryl: "You know what Philbert? I think we are slowly losing touch with ourselves. We graze our days away and gander at the folks walking past us. And yet, we never really stop to gaze at the stars at night, to sit down and really take in what the world has to offer. We grow bigger each day yet the world is still so massive, and the pressure does feel unbearable at times, but we try to make the most of things as usual. We commute with our friends and say hello to our neighbors, and try to make others happy under difficult circumstances. There is more to life than the next feeding time, as the best times are those we cherished with others, forming new connections, and understanding our peers, and thus ourselves. The knowledge that we gather from both our successes and failures is what defines us, and I hope you could understand this one day Philbert."

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Philbert: "Get off..."
Cheryl: "Not until you apologise for eating my share"
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"Our dinosaur's health is our main priority"

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There are giraffe hotels, and there are sauropod hotels.

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Full moon tonight.

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Welcome to Jurassic Airlines.

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I often let the sauropods roam my park first before they get to their enclosures. It's more interesting than the ACU team hehe 😜

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Raptor #3 is a few degrees off. Would have been the perfect triangle.

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