Manual start sequence and player capital ships

For some this might not seem like much but if we get ships that are huge class or could be enabled on smaller ships we could do manual startups and shutdown. basically like what the Argo did when it took off to investigate the comet empire. Basically I would like manual startup as an option.

And for the Yamato fans how would you like a ship with a wave motion gun on its bow. Just like the ship upon which the tech is first mounted you lose power but if your on the receiving end and your a known griefer boom goes the griefer. For balancing the gun could only fit on player capital ships due to the power needs with the handwavium lore that the ship manufacturers have partnered to give civilian and military versions of capital ships to independent pilots as a pilot program located outside every station similar to the federal corvette description of its fighter bay.

The civilian version of the federal capital ships would retain the firepower of the military version but be limited to a single fighter bay the imperial ones would have less firepower then its military counterparts but retain multiple fighter bays. The first time you dock at a capital ship dock, you will notice in the shipyard the civilian version is a free one which is designed to get players feet wet in giving orders only. The role panel is now an alert level panel from action stations Condition 1,2, or 3 which expands as the player gains ranks in orders
What's it called? Sounds like something I might like.

The Original Japanese anime was called Space Battleship Yamato. The American-made English translation was called Star Blazers. I remember it being on TV here in Australia in 1983, not long before the original Elite game came on the market.

For further discussion on the comparison between the comparative firepower of the SBS Yamato and ED capital ships, see this thread.

As for the OP's questions: while I don't think players could or should own a capital ship, I do think ED's capital ships should have some seriously devastating primary weaponry. Massive railguns in the front that insta-vaporize anything unfortunate enough to find themselves in such a poor tactical position, no matter how good their shields and armour are.
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