Memorial for my little commander

My sincerest thoughts are with you, your partner and your family @jellowiggler. I wish you the very best with the healing process. It will take a long time I'm sure but it's important that life goes on and that we continue to live it to the best of our ability.

As others have said I'm afraid Frontier did state a while back that they wouldn't be creating any more in-game memorials (although there's no harm in asking).

But I will join with others here in creating our own memorial to your beautiful daughter.


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A few days ago my daughter's 11 year old body succumbed under the strain of the fight against cancer. She was brave and wonderful and could have fought forever if it was up to her spirit.

I wanted to post this to help myself heal, to thank fdev for the game that has granted me so much relief from the stress of everything, and to thank bosslady and loose screws discord and squadron for being my online brothers and sisters.

To the devs: your work matters. It is just a game, but your amazing game has provided comfort and entertainment to people struggling with countless issues. I thank you so much for your efforts.

To the awesome community, particularly Kai Zen and bossladyB. Thank you such much for the play time and streams and late night talks. Community is what drives this game and it is encouraging to see so many players who deeply care about the universe they are involved in.
I believe that the expectations of core players will drive the push to a better and better game.

It is also amazing how this communtiy has banded together to donate to so amazing causes. cmdr platter and fdev's charity efforts come to mind. So much money raised to fight terrible diseases that effect commanders around the world!

Lastly I have a request from a grieving father. My Evelyn was a thinker and a reader. She loved the fact that you could fly through our on galaxy and see the stars that we see from our backyard.

I would love to get a named object in the game that i could go visit as a memorial. Preferably it would be something really bright, just like her. Unstoppable and bright in the darkness. It would so special for me.

Thanks for listening, mike.
I am really sorry for your loss CMDR. My condolences.

As a father of a 4yo and a 8yo I can't even start to comprehend the pain you and your family must feel.

I wish you, and your family all the strength you need to give this terrible loss a place in your life.
I bet a certain awesome group of people could organize an event/run like distant world's etc. In honor of all the fallen CMDR's. Way points could be placed on a 3rd party site with words from the family and condolences from there friends on this forum or discord or eddb or something like that. Then make it a map and lock it in forever. Like the good memories. Every shooting star we see when remembering a loved one who has walked-on, is their energy reminding us to be brave and vital. Energy doesn't die, it just changes shape. Sleep well, friend.
My condolences and deepest sympathies Mike, i wish you and yours all the strength in the world.
You might want to try reaching out to VerticalBlank (CMDR Ky Vatta) of Sag Eye Mag.
They helped me post an article on my dog when he died.
That way her light will reach across the galaxy and you will have something special to remember your time together by.
As a father of a young girl as well I do not have the words. Cancer seems to touch everyone at one point in one's life, I know it has affected my family several times as well and it is one of the hardest thing I ever had to deal with. My deepest condolences to you and yours Cmdr Mike.

Godspeed Cmdr Evelyn, o7
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