Multi-Crew Questions and Issues (With FGS advice appreciated)

Hey everyone, I just bought a FGS and was trying to multi-crew with my two friends who play ED. I have a size 6 SLF hanger and two SLFs, but I could only invite one person to my crew. Reddit threads from the 2.2 beta prior to SLF release mentions you can have two humans pilot your SLFs. Did the developers change their minds so that you can only have one player, and one NPC for my two SLFs?

We also ran into crazy irritating issues with the multi-crew mechanic in general. The game had trouble getting us into the same ship, my friend had trouble getting into and launching one of the SLFs, he couldn't dock the SLF when he was finished (and after he left I could get it to dock on its own, and it wouldn't let me get into it to dock it. I had to blow it up and let it rebuild). Even after all of that, when we would try to fight NPC pirates in a HAZ RES, they kept rubberbanding so bad we couldn't kill anything. He also didn't get rewarded for our biggest bounty of the night, even though he did about 30% of the damage. Any insight on what we did wrong is veryjavascript:// appreciated. With all of the little bugs piling up whenever I play open, it makes it hard not to jump on the 'open is useless unless you gank or pvp' bandwagon...

P.S. Advice on FGS weapon loadouts to accompany SLF in combat is appreciated.

PP.S. My favorite ship so far is the FAS, which I have decently engineered. Both large hardpoints are multi's, one with incendiary, one with corrosive. When engaging pirates over the holidays, at one point I yelled to my wingmates "Eat Christmas you pirate Bast**d!" and it was hilarious.

Firstly, you cannot have two player controlled SLF at once. At most is one human and one NPC.

Secondly, multi crew is based on seats in your ship. The anaconda has two extra seats, so you can have two human crew. The federal line of ships have 1 extra seat, so the can only have 1 multi crew member. The Keelback, which has a fighter bay, has no extra seat so no multi crew.

Thirdly, the rubber banding sounds like typical bad networking. One of you had a slow connection making the instance perform poorly.

Full multi cannons are very popular on the gunship. I prefer "opportunity weapons" like plasma on it. The power distributor is size 7 (same as the Anaconda), so you can do pretty much whatever you like.
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