My wishlist (because why not, eh?)

Gameplay Additions


My number one hope here is a the ability to build Enclosures at some point.
Enclosures would be defined from Habitats by their fully enclosed nature, and Exhibits by being built with the tools familiar to us from Habitat building and the Construction tab. The ceiling would have to be defined as well as the perimeter (such as in Habitats).

An Enclosure would allow the housing of flying birds, butterflies, and things of that nature. The key features being;
  • If things escaped from your Enclosure, there would be no capturing them, and even a fine (for releasing non-native species into the wild)!
  • Like Habitats, some Enclosure animals would tolerate humans walking through their enclosure (butterflies, parrots etc.)
  • Enclosures could be climate controlled such as in Exhibits, so long as their Air and Humidity systems are maintained.
  • Enclosures could house habitat animals so long as their welfare needs can be met - allowing for things such as indoor gardens, populated both with small birds and other animals such as terrapins, iguanas.
Exhibit Sizes;
Second, I'd love to see Extra Small, Small, Medium and Large exhibits, with the one we had in the beta being the "Small" size. Medium, about twice the size, and Large about 4 times the size of the Small.

Exhibit animals should have a couple of options for housing; things such as spiders should be able to be housed in Extra Small, and Small. Snakes in Small, and Medium. Small mammals in Medium, and large. Also;
  • Extra Small would be the same Width as Small, but half the depth and a third of the height, and stackable! So, you could have 3 different spider species stacked one on top of the other, for example.
  • Small would be the current Exhibit size we've played with in the beta.
  • Medium would be double the width as the Small, but the same 4m depth and height.
  • Large would be a 4m tall, but 8m wide and 8m deep, and would allow full creative design as an option instead of selected props.
This would open up the exhibits to a much larger range of animals that are perhaps still too small, or otherwise unsuitable for for Habitats. Things like squirrels, loris, and bigger things such as anacondas.

I'm not including the hundreds of small exhibit animals (lizards, snakes, amphibians etc.). I would killed for an Armadillo girdled lizard, though.

I'm also not including anything that is confirmed to be in the game (to my knowledge). Feel free to correct me if something has been confirmed!

That said, here's my list(s);

Big Ticket Animals;
African White and Black Rhinos (though I think we're safe to assume they're already planned)

Sumatran, and Siberian Tigers
Sumatran Rhino
Asiatic, and Barbary Lions
Meerkat (yes they deserve to be here :p)
Otters (all of them..)

Common Zoo Animals;
North American, and European Bison
Blackbuck (ZT memories here)

Unusual Animals;
Giant Anteater!! -
Ultimate weird boi
Common Genet
African Civet
Pallas Cat
Red Squirrel
Arctic Fox
Dhole (Asiatic Wild Dog)
Bush Dog

Gibbons - specifically Lar, Goeldi's, and/or Siamang
Marmosets - Common, and/or Black-tufted
Tamarins - specifically the Lion Tamarin subspecies, and Emperors (who have better moustaches than I do...)
Uakari - Bald, specifically
Howler - specifically Venezuelan Red Howlers
Woolly Monkey - Brown, grey, silvery - whatever, they're all great :D
Roloway Monkey
Macaque - Lion-tailed, and/or Barbary
Lemurs - more of them in general :D

Two things; I obviously have a primate obsession, and I've probably forgotten a bunch of animals I'd like to see in the game :)
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