Hi CMDR's.

My name is OmegaStageThr33 I was invited to your discord server and would like to participate in solving this new mystery. I am mostly an explorer but do BGS and trading as well.
Cmdr name: TK-421994

Discord name: Big Bause#5749

Group: Fuelrats (part time)
Home Base: N/A

Favorite color: Midnight Black (or Red)

DWE completionist

Currently doing Ceos runs to gain Cr, but will be in a Conda (multi-role, turret platform).
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CMDR Shyft Renieri reporting for duty! my curse name is shyft (#1755) and I believe we should see if we can find a peaceful solution to interacting with any other intelligent life we may find. I believe that a lot can be gained from other organisms, and we can certainly benefit off of peaceful interactions more than mindless violence. Oh, and my favorite color is blue.
CMDR Shyft Renieri
Discord: Shyft #1755
Favorite Color: Blue

I believe we can learn a lot from meeting new races, so a peaceful meeting is definitely the best solution to the problem at hand.
CMDR Karaya, requesting access to the Discord server.

Loosly connected to
SEPP player group, also sympathising with the Border Coalition.

Discord name "Karaya"

favorite color gold as my Explorer ASP is golden... :p
closly followed by green
I consider myself a independent explorer with no fixed home system, but should I ever come into a contact situation I want to have an idea of what to do. Therefore I want to follow the Myrmidon initiative closly.
Discord Access

Hi all,
CMDR Montagu here. Discord name is Shrug#1734 Looking to gain full access to the discord server. I'd like to sign up for combat or exploration duties also, whichever one is needed more :)
o7 CMDR's, fly safe.

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Also meant to clarify. I am an independent pilot.
CMDR Chopper
Discord: @Chopper#6332
Player group: Canonn
Favourite colour: black

Let's hope they're friendly too!
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Player group: Fuelrats (not a leader - there are no leaders but been there since feb)
Discord as above
Colour: Varies but lets say we'll go with go faster red:)

Role: Happy to do what's required - have an anaconda (freshly returned from CNE) that'd be good for either armed logistical support (could be easily refitted for nonarmed) or long range combat (although I'm not a skilled combat pilot - just done PVE) but would happily take it in to distract/do as much damage as possible to aggressors or loose it to aliens if necessary. Also have a long range Asp fitted for fuelratting/exploration. Currently in the bubble saving cash, gaining rep and hoping to acquire some more interesting ships.

One thing of note - I noticed your idea of giving "gifts" I think you have to be extremely careful with this - fuel limpets look very similar to missiles on the scanner (Assuming their technology is similar to ours) Plus how do we know whatever we give them is not harmful/won't be interpreted as a threat. Similarly with visual/audio communication....
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